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Cabal Teamcity Build Runner Plugin

For (relatively) painless continuous integration for Cabalised Haskell projects powered by TeamCity.

Usage and installation

See the project webpage.


This plugin started its life off as a fork of Teamcity Unity3D Build Runner Plugin. Many modifications later, it is usable with Haskell Cabal! I would like to thank Mark Baker (@mcmarkb) for creating the Unity3D plugin on which this project is based. Many hours were saved, as I avoided having to re-invent the build script used to package and deploy the plugin.


This plugin is distributed under the MIT License.

Known issues

There are a good number of issues with this plugin which arise from a single implementation detail of the plugin. All the trouble comes from the fact that the plugin was written to be unintrusive to either the Cabal or test-framework projects. This design decision meant that it was difficult or simply impossible to provide build progress information using TeamCity's TeamCity service messages the preferred way of reporting such information. This plugin instead relies on parsing and matching lines of build output to recover the structure of the build, which brings about many limitations to the level of integration possible:

Reported test durations are incorrect

Since the beginning and end of tests are deduced by matching on build output lines, TeamCity would can only reliably record the durations of tests run if the messages that signal their beginning and end are reliably timely. test-framework however runs tests in parallel but buffers test results until the very end, when everything is flushed out to standard output at the final instance. This makes tests appear as though they have taken a very short time to run, when in fact this mightn't be the case.

Test output is not aligned with the test it came from

The plugin notifies TeamCity of build events only once a line has been seen and output to the build log. For test output, this often is too late, causing TeamCity to get confused.

Some test successes or failures are counted incorrectly

Test success and failures are deduced by matching a pattern against output lines on the build log. While every care has been made to ensure that passing and failing test runs, test groups and test suites are detected correctly, any changes in the format of test-framework's build output will cause this plugin to behave abnormally as it fails to match lines it is expecting.


TeamCity continuous integration for Cabalised Haskell projects




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