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Feature rich, modular Discord.JS + Discord.JS-Commando server bot

Project Status


Social Media and Donations

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Notice of deprecation!

As of December 1st 2019 Ribbon has been discontinued after about 2 years of continued support. This decision was made for me to be able to put my full efforts in the joint project to make Skyra (website) an even better Discord bot than it already is. Skyra offers all features that Ribbon used to + much much more!


  • Autogenerated always-up-to-date documentation of all commands available on My website (has a searchable list)

  • Always maintained, always open to squash bugs, and always looking for new features

  • Many web searches, such as Google, Google Images, Kitsu, YouTube, Steam and many more

  • Looking up data in the PokéDex

  • Playing games such as magic 8ball and flipping coins

  • Casino chips as currency

  • Music streaming from YouTube

  • Getting info on members and the current server

  • Monitor Twitch streamers and get a message when one goes live

  • Auto-moderation functions

  • Timed repeating messages

  • Support for being self-hosted. Installation instructions can be found on the wiki

  • Many other commands. See All Commands on the Wiki for the full list

Special Thanks

  • Many people for the Discord.JS library and Discord.JS-Commando framework

  • All the creators of the node packages used in this bot


Copyright © 2019, Favna. Released under the The Unlicense.

Buy us a donut

Favware projects are open source and always will be, even if there are no donations. That said, we also know there are people out there that may still want to donate just to show their appreciation so this is for you guys. Thanks in advance!

You can contribute in a multitude of ways:


Discord chat bot build on top of the Discord.JS-Commando framework. Now deprecated and entirely superseded by Skyra:




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