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Document the transport:{up,down} events.

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+ h4. Network errors
+ As explained in the "architecture documentation":/architecture.html, the
+ Faye client does not talk to the network directly but uses a 'transport'
+ object based on WebSocket, XMLHttpRequest, and other network APIs.
+ The client exposes an abstract interface for checking the status of
+ whichever connection type is in use, which is useful for giving the user
+ feedback about the connection, or making your application deal with being
+ offline. You can listen to the @transport:up@ and @transport:down@ events to
+ be notified that the client is online or offline.
+ <pre class="prettyprint">client.bind('transport:down', function() {
+ // the client if offline
+ });
+ client.bind('transport:up', function() {
+ // the client if online
+ });</pre>
+ Note that these events _do not_ reflect the status of the client's session,
+ or whether there is literally a network connection active. For example, you
+ are not told that the transport is down just because a long-polling request
+ just completed. The transport is only considered down if a request or
+ WebSocket connection explicitly fails, or times out, indicating the server
+ is unreachable.
+ Also remember that Faye deals with buffering and re-sending messages for you,
+ so you don't need to deal with that. These events are simply for providing
+ feedback on the health of the connection.
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* "Setting up":/browser.html
* "Subscribing to channels":/browser/subscribing.html
* "Sending messages":/browser/publishing.html
+ * "Network errors":/browser/transport.html
* "Extensions":/browser/extensions.html

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