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@fbraem fbraem released this Sep 22, 2017

Finally MQWeb 0.1.00 is released.

  • Web app has its own repository now:
  • 'filter' renamed to 'input' in mqweb JSON answer
  • 'mqweb' property in JSON answer renamed to 'meta'
  • On success the information is always stored in a 'data' array.
  • Browse DLQ messages and RFH2 messages
  • Integrate event messages in browse action. Message event action removed.
  • Dictionary tables changed: 'display' renamed into 'text'
  • Changed license from EUPL to MIT
  • Add new MQ 9.0.0 attributes
  • Add expiry to PCF messages to avoid orphaned messages when the Command
    server answers too late
  • Queuemanager configuration can be stored in SQLite
  • Add property
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