Source code of the official F8 app of 2016, powered by React Native and other Facebook open source projects.
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F8 App 2016

This is the entire source code of the official F8 app of 2016, available on Google Play and the App Store.

How We Build It

We've created a series of tutorials at that explain how we built the app, and that dive into how we used React Native, Redux, Relay, GraphQL, and more.


  1. React Native (follow iOS and Android guides)
    • Xcode 7.3 +
  2. CocoaPods (only for iOS)
    • Version 1.0+ recommended (gem install cocoapods --pre)
  3. MongoDB (needed to run Parse Server locally)


  1. Clone the repo

    $ git clone
    $ cd f8app
  2. Install dependencies (npm v3+):

    $ npm install
    $ (cd ios; pod install)        # only for iOS version
  3. Make sure MongoDB is running:

    $ lsof -iTCP:27017 -sTCP:LISTEN

    NOTE: if installed with Homebrew run brew info mongo and check out the Caveats section.

    If you prefer to use an external MongoDB server, set DATABASE_URI:

    $ export DATABASE_URI=mongodb://
  4. Start Parse/GraphQL servers:

    $ npm start
  5. Import sample data (the local Parse Server should be running):

    $ npm run import-data

    Make sure everything works by visiting:

  6. Running on Android:

    $ react-native run-android
    $ adb reverse tcp:8081 tcp:8081   # required to ensure the Android app can
    $ adb reverse tcp:8080 tcp:8080   # access the Packager and GraphQL server
  7. Running on iOS:

    $ react-native run-ios


Could not connect to development server

In a separate terminal window run:

  $ react-native start