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RIME support for Fcitx

RIME(中州韻輸入法引擎) is mainly a Traditional Chinese input method engine.


Build From Source:

special notice of RIME dependency:

RIME split its devlopment source into a few sections, here we need librime.

In librime source, there are two directory, brise and librime.

According to your distribution, you might need brise+librime package(openSUSE) or only librime which includes brise at /usr/share/brise.

If your distribution doesn't have one you need to download librime and put brise directory into /usr/share/brise.

If you're a distribution packager, ask maintainer of librime to add brise sub-package.

special notice of Boost dependency:

Boost is a RIME dependency, so without boost >= 1.46.1, you will not ble to install librime-devel.

Generally it means, distros that are a little old like openSUSE 11.4 or Ubuntu 10.10 might not be possible to build or install.




*fcitx-devel with all three skins

some distro like openSUSE split a fcitx-skin-classic and a fcitx-skin-dark, so you need them.




optional, for directory ownership.


sudo zypper ar -f M17N

sudo zypper in cmake gcc-c++ fcitx-devel fcitx-skin-classic fcitx-skin-dark librime-devel brise hicolor-icon-theme

Install from Distribution


sudo apt-get install fcitx-rime


sudo zypper ar -f M17N

sudo zypper in fcitx-rime
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