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Userscript to improve GiftBot usage
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A userscript to improve GiftBot usage in ResetEra. All credit goes to PeteTNT for his NeoGAF version. I merely adapted it and even copied most of this README.


  • "In library" highlighting for raffles.
  • Wishlist highlighting (must be logged in the store in the same browser).

How-to use

  1. You must create a custom url for your Steam profile. Go to your profile, click "Edit profile" and you should see a field to input your desired custom id.
  2. Download Tampermonkey: Firefox or Chrome.
  3. Open this link. *Monkey should prompt you for install.
  4. Navigate to any ResetEra thread (e.g.
  5. Follow the instructions: ResetEra should now prompt you for your Steam custom id and the Steam API key.


Where to get a SteamAPI key?

All use of the Steam Web API requires the use of an API Key. You can acquire one by filling out this form. Use of the APIs also requires that you agree to the Steam API Terms of Use.

Where to get the SteamID64?

The script automatically obtains the 64-bit Steam key based on your profile name, but you can also retrieve it yourself. Just add ?xml=1 after your profile name, for instance and get the key inside of <steamID64></steamID64>.

I already own the game but it still isn't highlighted as "In library"

The games list is updated once per day maximum and the parser might/will miss games that are spelled differently than the actual Steam name, sorry about that.


Contributions are very welcome! File an issue or send a PR!

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