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Feathers-Vuex is a first class integration of FeathersJS and Vuex. It implements many Redux best practices under the hood, eliminates a lot of boilerplate code with flexible data modeling, and still allows you to easily customize the Vuex store.

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Demo & Documentation


See for full documentation.


npm install feathers-vuex --save
yarn add feathers-vuex

IMPORTANT: Feathers-Vuex is (and requires to be) published in ES6 format for full compatibility with JS classes. If your project uses Babel, it must be configured properly. See the Project Configuration section for more information.


This repo is pre-configured to work with the Visual Studio Code debugger. After running yarn install, use the "Mocha Tests" debug script for a smooth debugging experience.


Copyright (c) Forever and Ever, or at least the current year.

Licensed under the MIT license.