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Service at root. '/' #728

keesee opened this Issue Nov 12, 2017 · 6 comments


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keesee commented Nov 12, 2017

I'm experimenting with using feathers as a chassis for mirco-services. is it possible to have a service as the root route?
I'm running into errors with hooks... src\services[name][name].service.js:17 service.hooks(hooks);

TypeError: Cannot read property 'hooks' of undefined at Function.module.exports (...\src\services[NAME][NAME].service.js:17:11)
at Function.configure (...node_modules\feathers\lib\application.js:150:8)
at Function.module.exports (...\src\services\index.js:5:7)


Steps to reproduce

    // app.js  
    // remove 
    app.use('/', feathers.static(app.get('public')));

    // [NAME].service.js
    // use at home '/'
    -app.use('/', createService(options));

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daffl commented Nov 12, 2017

Services always have to have a name. I added a more specific error message for that in #729

Duplicate of #718

@daffl daffl closed this Nov 12, 2017


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aral commented Jan 4, 2018

Hey @daffl, would you mind reviewing this decision in light of the following use case:

I am implementing an ActivityPub server and the root path (the domain) represents the person’s handle in the federated system. (So, e.g., I will be and people will be able to mention me using my domain as a handle.) As such, under the W3C ActivityPub spec, other servers will hit expecting a GET response with an Actor object.

Afaik, this is currently impossible to implement in Feathers without falling back to plain Express. (This is not a showstopper for me but it would be nice to have all routes under the same approach.)

Currently, when I try to mount the route, I get:

 '/' is not a valid service path.

IMHO, / should be a valid service path, representing the default service at the given domain.

Thanks for your time + look forward to hearing your thoughts :)


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daffl commented Jan 4, 2018

I would probably go with a middleware in that case. The problem with / is that slashes get truncated in a service name so it will just be an empty string which makes for a bad identifier (since it is falsy), especially when used via websockets. We could add an exception for HTTP (which I'd like to try to avoid) or add a fallback name like __default that will be mounted at the root in a future version.


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aral commented Jan 4, 2018

I like the __default fallback idea (would you like me to open a separate issue for that?) The service itself having a name is a good requirement and that should cover that base while also providing flexibility for situations like this where changing the path would expose unnecessary complexity to the interface by affecting the URL structure/usage.


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tim-field commented Oct 28, 2018

Would also really like a way to do this. Use case for me is when implementing a HATEOAS endpoint were I would like the root entry to be able to send links which describe the services available


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daffl commented Dec 16, 2018

Registering a root service is now possible in version 3.3.0 or later via app.use('/', service)

@daffl daffl reopened this Dec 16, 2018

@daffl daffl closed this Dec 16, 2018

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