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Reverse proxy app to combine multiple applications and redirect rules for website.


Set the PROXIES environment variable to a JSON object mapping proxy routes to URLs. As an example, you can do this manually with a command similar to this:

cf set-env fec-proxy PROXIES='{"/": "", "/app2": ""}'

Note that this is currently set and configured in the manifest files for deployment.


The proxy follows other projects for the release and hotfix processes. The changes will automatically deploy when PR's are merged, or the release is cut and deployed.

Manual deployment

Manual deployment is an option if there are issues with CircleCI or you want more granular control of the process.

Before you start, make sure you have version 7 of the Cloud Foundry CLI installed.

When you're ready to deploy any changes, make sure you are on the master branch and have done a git pull so that all changes are pulled down. Now run the following commands, where <space> is the desired space you'd like to deploy to (dev, stage, or prod):

    cf target -s <space>
    cf push --strategy rolling proxy -f manifest_<space>.yml
    cf add-network-policy proxy cms

When the deployment is done, be sure to test the site to make sure everything is still functioning.

Testing changes before deploying to Production

If you'd like to test any changes before they are fully merged and made a part of the code, you should feel free to do so but only in the dev and staging spaces. To do this, just make sure you are on the branch you are currently working in and follow the deployment instructions above.

Just be sure to deploy the master branch again once the code is merged in (or the changes are rejected/abandoned).