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PHP library for FedaPay Api
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FedaPay PHP Build Status

You can sign up for a FedaPay account at


PHP 5.5 and later.


You can install the bindings via Composer. Run the following command:

composer require fedapay/fedapay-php

To use the bindings, use Composer's autoload:


Manual Installation

If you do not wish to use Composer, you can download the latest release. Then, to use the bindings, include the init.php file.



The bindings require the following extension in order to work properly:

  • curl, although you can use your own non-cURL client if you prefer
  • json
  • mbstring (Multibyte String)

If you use Composer, these dependencies should be handled automatically. If you install manually, you'll want to make sure that these extensions are available.

Getting Started

Simple usage looks like:


Please see for up-to-date documentation.


Install dependencies:

composer install


Install dependencies as mentioned above (which will resolve PHPUnit), then you can run the test suite:


Or to run an individual test file:

./vendor/bin/phpunit tests/UtilTest.php
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