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Federal Trade Commission

FTC is a bipartisan federal agency w/ a dual mission to protect consumers and promote competition. Github's privacy policy governs here.

  • Zapping-Rachel-Phase-2-DEF-CON-22

    The Attacker Phase: Phase 2 challenged contestants to circumvent an existing honeypot and prevent it from collecting information on incoming calls. Droid Rachel circumvents the existing honeypot by employing a four-step targeting process that screens out phone numbers potentially connected to a honeypot, and optimizes Droid Rachel’s ability to s…

    7 3 0 0 Updated Dec 16, 2014
  • Zapping-Rachel-Phase-1-DEF-CON-22

    The Creator Phase: Phase 1 challenged contestants to build a honeypot that identifies inaccurate information in incoming calls, such as spoofed caller IDs, or determines which calls are likely robocalls. Jon’s honeypot uses a combination of an audio captcha filter, call detail analysis, and recording and transcription analysis to determine, on a…

    PHP 6 3 0 0 Updated Dec 16, 2014
  • Zapping-Rachel-Phase-3-DEF-CON-22

    The Detective Phase: Phase 3 challenged participants to analyze call data from an existing honeypot and develop algorithms that predict which calls are likely robocalls.

    Python 8 3 0 0 Updated Dec 16, 2014

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