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Fedora Account System

Authors: Ricky Zhou Mike McGrath Toshio Kuratomi Yaakov Nemoy Patrick Uiterwijk
Date: Wed, 26 March, 2008
For FAS version:0.8.x

The Fedora Account System holds information on Fedora Contributors to give them access to the wonderful things that Fedora has.

This is a TurboGears project. It can be started by running the start-fas script.


0.8.13 => 0.8.14

When upgrading to 0.8.14 the database schema changed slightly, and new configuration options got introduced, for the security questions system. The people table gets two new columns, for the question and answers, and the configuration gets a new option to specify the key used to encrypt the security answer. Apply the schema update like this:

sudo -u postgres psql fas2 < updates/fas2-0.8.13_to_0.8.14.sql

Also, the new key_securityquestion configuration parameter should be set to the id of the key used to encrypt the answer to the security question.

Also, you should not forget to set deployment_type to the type of deployment of this installation.

0.8.7 => 0.8.8

We still haven't worked out using migrate scripts on our database servers so the changes here need to be done like this:

sudo -u postgres psql fas2 < updates/fas2-0.8.7_to_0.8.8.sql

0.8.5 => future

From 0.8.5 and onward we will be using SQLAlchemy Migrate to handle database upgrades. To use it, it assumes you have already installed fas2.sql into your posgresql database. The instructions for installing SQLAlchemy-Migrate on top can be found below in the installation instructions.

sqlalchemy-migrate will need to be installed. To do so, run:

sudo yum -y install python-migrate

(Since I don't trust this yet, the latest change will need to add: + invite_only BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE, to the groups table. There is a migrate script checked in. Need to verify that it works and that we'll do that.)

0.8.4 => 0.8.5

When upgrading to 0.8.5 the database schema changed slightly. The configs table now has a unique constraint to prevent duplicates being entered. Use this to update your existing schema:

sudo -u postgres psql fas2 < updates/fas2-0.8.4_to_0.8.5.sql

0.8.3 => 0.8.4

When upgrading from 0.8.3 to 0.8.4 there are some new database changes:

groups.url:URL where others can look for information about the group
groups.mailing_list:Specify a mailing list address that others can use to contact the group
groups.mailing_list_url:A url where others can look at list archives and sign up
groups.irc_network:IRC network on which the IRC channel is
groups.irc_channel:IRC channel where communication with the group occurs
people.country_code:Two digit country code for where the user is from
user_group:View that allows mod_auth_pgsql to work with the db
session:Table for doing OpenID sessions.

You can add these to your database by running the sql commands in updates/fas2-0.8.3_to_0.8.4.sql like this:

sudo -u postgres psql fas2 < updates/fas2-0.8.3_to_0.8.4.sql

The country code functionality also makes use of python-GeoIP. This should be installed as a dependency if you use the fas rpms. Otherwise you need to install that manually:

sudo yum -y install python-GeoIP