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React.js Essentials

Have you read React.js Essentials book yet? Share your comments, questions, ideas, thoughts.

Throughout the book you will be building a React.js app called Snapterest. Here is live version of Snapterest:

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I would really appreciate your help

Can you please write a short review for the book on Amazon? Thank you!

Where to get your copy?


Ask me any question on Snapchat - my username is artemij.

I get SyntaxError: .../app.js: Unexpected token when I run gulp command. What should I do?

This is due to some breaking changes made in babelify version 7. The book uses babelify version 6 - if you choose to use version 6 as well then please do the following.

If you choose to use babelify version 7, then please see this comment.

Can I have ES6 version of Snapterest?

Yes! Here it is. Special thanks to Jason Rogers who converted Snapterest to ES6 syntax!

Can I see Snapterest in action?


How to deploy a stand alone React.js application described in the book?

You can deploy it on GitHub Pages.

Have you seen your book on Reddit?


Can I have another example of using React.js with Flux?

Sure, check my Shopping List example.

Questions, errors, ideas or thoughts?

Check updates or create a new issue.


Special thanks to @magomimmo, @ttanzer, @rickhaffey, @RenatKunafin, @blitzd, @duanec, @gerturo who helped other readers to solve various issues!


Artemij Fedosejev

Artemij Fedosejev is a technical lead living in London, United Kingdom. He is a self-taught web developer who has been a web developer since the early 2000s. Artemij earned his BSc in Computer Science from University College Cork, Ireland. He participated in the IGNITE Graduate Business Innovation Programme, where he built and launched a website that received the Most Innovative Project award.

After graduation, Artemij moved to London to help local start-up companies build their products. He worked with JavaScript, Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, and other modern web technologies. After gaining some experience in the start-up industry, Artemij was presented with an opportunity to join Imperial College, London, work on a research and development, project and take leadership in creating frontends for a couple of web applications in the public health space. He played a key role in creating frontend architecture using React.js and Flux for and

Snapchat: artemij

Thank you

This book is written for you and I appreciate so much for you investing your time, money and effort into reading this book.

Keep learning and growing!



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