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FeedHenry CLI, the Command Line Interface to FeedHenry

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FHC - FeedHenry Command Line Interface NPM version

FeedHenry CLI, the command line interface to FeedHenry.


fhc should now be available your command line (do a hash -r if you use zsh to pick it up). fhc -v will tell you what version of fhc you have installed.

Finally, install FHC bash completion: fhc completion >> ~/.bashrc (or ~/.zshrc)


See fhc help for general help, or fhc help <command> for help on a specific command.

To get started, set the FeedHenry target and then login:

$ fhc target

$ fhc login <your-email-address> <your-password>

To list your apps, use:

$ fhc apps

To create an app from a git repository use:

fhc apps create StoreFinder git://


The source code for FHC was orginally based on an earlier version of [NPM (], so many thanks to [Isaac (] for the foundation code for an excellent Command Line Interface!

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