Javascript implementation of the Feedhenry Data Synchronisation Client for browsers. To be used in conjunction with the FeedHenry Data Synchronisation Server.
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FeedHenry Sync Javascript client

Data synchonization javascript client. Library can be used for offline storage of mobile applications data.

Required setup

To use the sync client you need a sync server setup first see or Sync client using default Ajax handler to call sync server.
Server URL can be configured using following variables

  • cloudUrl - URL to sync server
  • cloudPath (optional) - allows to use custom endpoint for sync (defaults to /sync/)

For example:

    do_console_log: true,
    sync_frequency: 1,
    sync_active: false,
    storage_strategy: ['memory'],
    crashed_count_wait: 0


npm install

Cordova client template

You can try Cordova Sync Template. It uses fh-sync-js as a library for connecting to running sync server instance.

Relation for fh-js-sdk

Feedhenry JS SDK contains various libraries and also includes fh-sync-js library.