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The Gambit Scheme system is a complete, portable, efficient and reliable implementation of the Scheme programming language.

The latest official release of the system and other helpful documents can be obtained from the Gambit web page at:

Quick-install instructions for a typical installation

git clone
cd gambit
make               # build runtime library, gsi and gsc (add -j8 if you can)
make check         # run self tests (optional but recommended)
make doc           # build the documentation
sudo make install  # install

# Note: this configuration is recommended for best performance:
./configure --enable-single-host --enable-march=native --enable-dynamic-clib

If some error or ctrl-C interrupts the first invocation of make it is best to start again from the git clone step to avoid possible corruption of the files generated during the bootstrap process.

Detailed installation instructions are given in the file INSTALL.txt.


We welcome contributions in the form of issues, bug reports, and pull-requests for enhancements, bug fixes, and entire modules of code (SRFIs, new modules or ports from other environments, etc). Thanks to Gambit's module system, individuals can also contribute modules and R7RS libraries on their own by simply creating a public git repository (on,, etc) that hosts the module's source code (see and for simple public modules, which can be run with gsi and gsi respectively).

For some issues a reward is offered for fixing the issue (enter the word "bounty" in the "Issues" tab search bar). Individuals may offer a bounty for fixing an issue by adding the word "bounty" in the description of the issue and giving details on the amount and payment method.

Please click the following button if you want to donate funds that will allow the Gambit maintainers to offer bug bounties and rewards to people who contribute to Gambit's development. As an example, a typical bug bounty is on the order of $100 CAD (about $80 USD and 75 euros at time of writing).

SRFIs provided

0: Feature-based conditional expansion construct (builtin)

1: List Library

2: AND-LET*: an AND with local bindings, a guarded LET* special form

4: Homogeneous numeric vector datatypes (builtin)

5: A compatible let form with signatures and rest arguments

6: Basic String Ports (builtin)

8: receive: Binding to multiple values (builtin)

9: Defining Record Types (builtin)

13: String Libraries

14: Character-set Library

16: Syntax for procedures of variable arity (builtin)

18: Multithreading support (builtin)

21: Real-time multithreading support (builtin)

22: Running Scheme Scripts on Unix (builtin)

23: Error reporting mechanism (builtin)

26: Notation for Specializing Parameters without Currying

27: Sources of Random Bits (builtin)

28: Basic Format Strings

30: Nested Multi-line Comments (builtin)

31: A special form rec for recursive evaluation

33: Integer Bitwise-operation Library

39: Parameter objects (builtin)

41: Streams

42: Eager Comprehensions

45: Primitives for Expressing Iterative Lazy Algorithms

48: Intermediate Format Strings

62: S-expression comments (builtin)

64: A Scheme API for test suites (incomplete implementation)

69: Basic hash tables

88: Keyword objects (builtin)

111: Boxes (builtin)

124: Ephemerons

132: Sort Libraries

151: Bitwise Operations

158: Generators and Accumulators

179: Nonempty Intervals and Generalized Arrays (Updated)

193: Command line (builtin)

219: Define higher-order lambda


Gambit is an efficient implementation of the Scheme programming language.






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  • C 80.8%
  • Scheme 15.1%
  • Pascal 3.0%
  • Shell 0.2%
  • Objective-C 0.2%
  • M4 0.2%
  • Other 0.5%