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'git-remote-bzr' is the semi-official Bazaar bridge from the Git project, once installed, it allows you to clone, fetch and push to and from Bazaar repositories as if they were Git ones:

git clone "bzr::lp:ubuntu/hello"

To enable this, simply add the 'git-remote-bzr' script anywhere in your $PATH:

wget -O ~/bin/git-remote-bzr
chmod +x ~/bin/git-remote-bzr

That’s it :)

Obviously you will need Bazaar installed.


Remember to run git gc --aggressive after cloning a repository, specially if it’s a big one. Otherwise lots of space will be wasted.

The oldest version of Bazaar supported is 2.0. Older versions are not tested.

Branches vs. repositories

Bazaar’s UI can clone only branches, but a repository can contain multiple branches, and 'git-remote-bzr' can clone both.

For example, to clone a branch:

git clone bzr::bzr:// emacs-trunk

And to clone the whole repository:

git clone bzr::bzr:// emacs

The second command would clone all the branches contained in the emacs repository, however, it’s possible to specify only certain branches:

git config remote-bzr.branches 'trunk, xwindow'

Some remotes don’t support listing the branches contained in the repository, in which cases you need to manually specify the branches, and while you can specify the configuration in the clone command, you might find this easier:

git init emacs
git remote add origin bzr::bzr://
git config remote-bzr.branches 'trunk, xwindow'
git fetch


Limitations of the remote-helpers' framework apply. In particular, these commands don’t work:

  • git push origin :branch-to-delete

  • git push origin old:new (it will push 'old') (patches available)

  • git push --dry-run origin branch (it will push) (patches available)

Other projects

There are other 'git-remote-bzr' projects out there, do not confuse this one, this is the one distributed officially by the Git project:

For a comparison between these and other projects go here.


Send your patches to the mailing list (no need to subscribe).


Transparent bidirectional bridge between Git and Bazaar for Git



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