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Tiny Search

How many lines of code it takes to write a reasonable, understandable, full-text search engine? The code in this repository can give an easy and fast overview on the Vector Space Model (tf-idf). Feel free to contribute with improvements and other language implementations.

Other languages

Feel free to submit pull requests with implementations in any other languages. You can follow the same requirements of the Scala version:

  • in-memory index;
  • norms and IDF calculated online;
  • default OR operator between query terms;
  • index a document per line from a single file.
  • read stopwords from a file


There are two Scala versions of the Vector Space Model. They are similar, except that "freakinTinySearch.scala" squeezes some more lines by getting rid of classes.


  • I only tested the Scala code with 2.9.
  • This is not intented for real world production code. It is just for fun and educational purposes.
  • The Scala code calculates document norm and term IDF on-the-fly while processing the query. This is far from optimal, but it makes things shorter.