Common library for Definitely plugins for WordPress
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WPDLib (WordPress Definitely Library)

This library is used and bundled by all Definitely plugins for WordPress.

The library contains general functionality shared across all these plugins. You probably found your way here since you were looking at the code of one of the Definitely plugins - or you're interested in learning more about their internals.

For a detailed guide and reference on how to use this library, please read the Wiki on Github.

Contributions and Bugs

If you have ideas on how to improve the library or if you discover a bug, I would appreciate if you shared them with me, right here on Github. In either case, please open a new issue here!

You can also contribute to the library by translating it. Among the library files, there is a .pot file which you can use as a starting point. When you're done with a translation, you can either create a pull request with the new translation files or you can send them to me manually.