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<h1>Welcome to the Buster.JS beta!</h1>
Buster.JS is a new JavaScrpt testing framework. It does browser testing by
automating test runs in actual browsers (think JsTestDriver), as well as
Node.js testing. It has a bunch of great features, take a look
at <a href="">the overview</a>.
It's very much in beta. A lot of stuff is not working. Follow
us <a href="">on twitter</a> to get notified when
stuff happens. Or join <a href="">the
mailing list</a>. There's also an IRC channel, <a href="">#buster on</a>.
<p>Here's a talk about Buster.JS by Christian Johansen.</p>
<div id="frontendconf-talk">
<iframe src=""
width="864" height="486" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>