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1 parent 115d382 commit 4f9f74f1b6e132450615224df8211f6766cfba04 Christian Johansen committed Feb 6, 2012
7 bin/build 100644 → 100755
@@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
+rm -fr static
echo "Indexing docs site at http://localhost:8090"
-wget -o wget.log --convert-links --page-requisites --recursive --level=inf -U WGET --html-extension --no-host-directories --directory-prefix=static http://localhost:8090/
-sed -i s/\"index.html/"\"\/"/ static/**/*.html
-sed -i s/index.html// static/**/*.html
+wget --convert-links --page-requisites --recursive --level=inf -U WGET --html-extension --no-host-directories --directory-prefix=static http://localhost:8090/
+find static -name "*.html" | xargs sed -i s/\"index.html/"\"\/"/
+find static -name "*.html" | xargs sed -i s/index.html//
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@@ -0,0 +1,39 @@
+ If you have any questions, you can
+ e-mail <a href="">August Lilleaas</a>
+ ( and <a href="">Christian
+ Johansen</a> ( We're the hard working programmers
+ running the Buster.JS project.
+ Buster.JS is developed in the open. The Source code is hosted
+ at <a href=""></a>
+ and <a href=""></a>. Development
+ discussion happens in
+ the <a href="">issue tracker</a> and
+ the <a href="">development mailing
+ list</a>.
+ We tweet
+ on <a href=""></a>. It is
+ actually a mirror of our
+ StatusNet, <a href=""></a>
+ &mdash; we prefer to own our content. Since most people prefer Twitter, we're
+ listening in on your tweets too though.
+ Come visit us at <a href="irc://">#buster on
+ freenode</a>. Activity is spiky so stay around for a few hours if you ask us a
+ question.
+<h2>Mailing list</h2>
+ There's a mailing list
+ on <a href="">Google Groups</a>.
@@ -15,22 +15,22 @@ <h2 id="buster-server">Running with <kbd>buster server</kbd></h2>
in actual browsers easy and painless.
- <img src="../images/docs/overview/buster-server-start.png" width="633" height="382">
+ <img src="/images/docs/overview/buster-server-start.png" width="633" height="382">
- <img src="../images/docs/overview/buster-server-capture-firefox.png" width="827" height="339">
+ <img src="/images/docs/overview/buster-server-capture-firefox.png" width="827" height="339">
- <img src="../images/docs/overview/buster-test-run-browsers.png" width="633" height="382">
+ <img src="/images/docs/overview/buster-test-run-browsers.png" width="633" height="382">
<h2 id="buster-server">Running with <kbd>buster static</kbd></h2>
In the cases where you need a simpler method for running tests, Buster.JS has
a straightforward HTML page based test runner, similar to QUnit and other
traditional test frameworks.
-<p><img src="../images/docs/overview/buster-static-start.png" width="529" height="348"></p>
-<p><img src="../images/docs/overview/buster-static-success.png", width="514" height="470"></p>
+<p><img src="/images/docs/overview/buster-static-start.png" width="529" height="348"></p>
+<p><img src="/images/docs/overview/buster-static-success.png", width="514" height="470"></p>
<h2 id="phantomjs">Running headless with PhantomJS</h2>
<p class="warning">
Note: this feature has not yet landed in the beta.

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