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My current Wordpress blog migrated to Hyde

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Hyde implementation of

Previously hosted as a Wordpress blog -- here's comes my Hyde implementation with static HTML generating goodness!


On a fresh instance, you'll need to execute hyde gen twice: the first execution will fail but the first-run will generate the blog tags HTML files,and hyde will be able to generate the site proper after that.

Credits and copyright notice

The theme in use is Mainstream by WooThemes, with some theme elements are stripped away based on my usage.

The current implementation is heavily referenced from Steve Losh's work and I had lifted his Fabric deployment script.

URL Structure

  • / - The home page, currently just a simple landing page with my short bio
  • /blog - Listing of the most recent blog posts
  • /blog/[year]/[month]/[pagename].html - The blog post entries
  • /blog/tags/[tagname] - The tag listing
  • /blog/pages/[pageno] - Pagination of the listing page
  • /blog/feed/ - ATOM feed of the blog
  • /blog/feed/pages/[pageno] - Pagination for the feed
  • /manga-tutorial/ - My tutorials on drawing manga
  • /*.html - Static pages
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