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Simple,powerful private report bot system.
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It's a simple report bot website.


Register Assistance

This tool helps you to register steam accounts quickly.

  1. To use this tool with your own email,you must modify MailForm.cs,navigate to
public ImapClient client = new ImapClient("",993,true);

Replace the IMAP server with yours.

public ImapClient client = new ImapClient("Your IMAP server",Your IMAP port,true);

Then,scroll down and replace with your email address.You also need to replace the email in MainForm.cs

  1. You also need to replace the group url with your own group url

  2. Then you need an accounts collection like this:

Username must ends with _ID,ID must be a number


Just encode the collection with base64,in this example you may get following data:

  1. You need to create an avatars folder in the root path and put at least 1 PNG File into it.This program supports multiple avatars,if you add more than 1 avatar,the program will determine which avatar to use by id.

  2. Now you can start the program and paste your base64 into the largest text box,input the mail password into the following small textbox and click "Continue"

  3. Just input the vcode in the dialog,press enter and wait for automatic register

  4. After the account joined your group automaticlly,click > button at the bottom of the program and repeat 6.

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