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PHP interface to Twitter Streaming API
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A PHP interface to the Twitter Streaming API (firehose, etc). This library makes it easy to connect to and consume the Twitter stream via the Streaming API.



  • Provide a simple interface to the Twitter Streaming API for PHP applications
  • Comply to Streaming API recommendations for error handling, reconnection, etc
  • Encourage well-behaved streaming API clients
  • Operate independently of PHP extensions (ie: shared memory, PCNTL, etc)

What this library does do

  • Handles connection/authentication to the twitter streaming API
  • Consumes the stream handing off each status to be enqueued by a method of your choice
  • Handles graceful reconnection/back-off on connection and API errors
  • Monitors/reports performance metrics and errors

What this library doesn't do

  • Decode/process tweets
  • Provide any sort of queueing mechanism for asynchronous processing (though some examples are included)
  • Provide any sort of inter-process communication
  • Provide any non-streaming API functionality (ie: user profile info, search, etc)

How To Use

See the example subdirectory for example usage. In each example file you will need to insert your own oauth token/secret, and the key/secret for the Twitter app you have created.

  • filter-oauth.php shows how to follow certain keywords.
  • sample.php shows how to get a small random sample of all public statuses.
  • userstream-alternative.php shows how to get user streams. (All activity for one user.)
  • sitestream.php shows to how to get site streams. (All activity for multiple users.)

Please see the wiki for documentation.

If you have any additional questions, head over to the Phirehose Users group []

It's recommended that you join (or at least regularly check) this group if you're actively using Phirehose so I can let you know when I release new versions.

Additionally, if you'd like to contact me directly, I'm @fennb on twitter.

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