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It is a wrapper for hellosign.com API


npm install node-hellosign

Quick Start

var HelloSign = require('node-hellosign')
  , username = process.env['USERNAME']
  , password = process.env['PASSWORD']
  , api = new HelloSign({
    username: username
  , password: password

var options = {
  'signers[0][name]': 'Test User'
, 'signers[0][email_address]': username
, 'file[1]': fs.createReadStream(path.join(__dirname, 'test.pdf'))

api.createRequest(options, function (er, res) {

Callbacks and streaming

var stream = api.getFinalCopy({signature_request_id: id}, function (er, file) {
  process(file)  // process the hole file at the en of teh response

// process the chunks as they arrive
var file
stream.on('data', function (chunk) {
  file += chunk

stream.on('end', function () {


All the methods receive two params:

  • options (optional): an object with the parameters of the request. Check here how is this object depending on the request
  • callback (required): callback, it gets as param the error and the response

Check http://www.hellosign.com/api/reference


  • getAccount(cb): Returns your Account settings.
  • updateAccount(opts, cb): Updates your Account's settings.
  • createAccount(opts, cb): Signs up for a new HelloSign Account.

Signature Requests

  • getRequest(cb): Gets a SignatureRequest that includes the current status for each signer
  • listRequest(cb): Lists the SignatureRequests (both inbound and outbound) that you have access to.
  • createRequest(opts, cb): Creates and sends a new SignatureRequest with the submitted documents.
  • sendForm(opts, cb): Creates and sends a new SignatureRequest based off of a ReusableForm.
  • sendReminder(opts, cb): Sends an email to the signer reminding them to sign the signature request.
  • cancelRequest(opts, cb): Cancels a SignatureRequest.
  • getFinalCopy(cb): Download the PDF copy of the finalized documents.

Reusable Forms

  • getForm(cb): Gets a ReusableForm which includes a list of Accounts that can access it.
  • listForms(cb): Lists your ReusableForms.
  • addUserForm(opts, cb): Gives the specified Account access to the specified ReusableForm.
  • removeUserForm(opts, cb): Removes the specified Account's access to the specified ReusableForm.


  • getTeam(cb): Gets your Team and a list of its members
  • createTeam(opts, cb): Creates a new Team
  • updateTeam(ots, cb): Updates a Team's name
  • destroyTeam(cb): Deletes your Team.
  • addMember(opts, cb): Adds or invites a user to your Team
  • removeMember(opts, cb): Removes a user from your Team

Unclaimed Draft

  • createUnclaimedDraft(opts, cb): Creates a new Draft that can be claimed using the claim URL.


In order to run the tests you need to register an account and to define a reusable form

export USERNAME=your@account.com
export PASSWORD=xxxxxxx 
cd node_modules/node-hellosign
npm test