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Web app to make conversions between different numerical systems
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Number System Converter


Web app to make conversions between different numerical systems.

The Project

I create this project to master my javascript skills and made a simpler and nicer UI design than others websites.

Is built with pure Javascript and has a simple structure.

I just finished the project implementing two numerical systems: Binary and Decimal.

The idea is to implement more numerical systems conversions by the dev community. So, if you want to help and contribute check the guide below.


If you want to collaborate to this project you can do it considering these following points:

  • Help detecting bugs and proposing solutions or fixes.
  • Improving the source code.
  • Implementing new numerical systems conversions.

You can open an issue for any suggestion or comment.

To work on the project you have to:

  1. Fork this repository to your own Github account.
  2. Clone the repository to you local device.
  3. If you use VSCode, you can install Live Server plugin to test the website in realtime, if not you can only open the index.html file in the browser and watch your changes.
  4. Create a pull request to verify your changes.
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