Project to store examples of how to use ZF i18n and l10n components and how to integrate them into the ZF MVC
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Zend Framework - Internationalization and Localization Samples

This project was created to store and show samples of the Zend Framework Internationalization and Localization article. It has some samples of how to use Zend_Locale and Zend_Translate as standalone components and how to integrate them in a Zend Framework MVC application.


The permalink to the article is:, and it's written in brazilian portuguese.


The samples located in the standalone-samples folder use the Zend_Translate and Zend_Locale as standalone classes.

The Zend_Locale samples show how to create and use the class within locale-aware components, and if the example is runned in a cli the try catch block will catch a Zend_Locale_Exception, showing how to work with an automatic locale detection failure.

The Zend_Translate samples will start with a single file constructor, addition of more languages, and will and with an automatic file scanning, using the file name as the locale source.

MVC Implementations

Two ways were implemented to make this integration:

  • The first way is detecting the browser preferred language, and if it's not supported by the application, fallbacking to the english language;
  • The second way is through the routes, defining the language, as shown in Zend Casts.

Other implementations

If you have other implementations and want to contribute, fork the repo and make a pull request, so other people new to the framework can see the ways to provide i18n and l10n.