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udisks-glue is a tool that can associate udisks events to user-defined
actions. In that sense, udisks-glue is almost "glue code"[1], hence the name.

udisks (formely known as DeviceKit-disks) is an abstraction layer on top of
the Linux disks subsystems that, in conjunction with the other DeviceKit
subprojects, aims to be a replacement for the now almost defunct HAL project.

Like most other recent Linux desktop frameworks, udisks exposes its API via
DBus to its clients (often desktop environments). Users wishing to have more
control about what happens when specific disk-related events often have to use
a tool like halevt[2] or ivmon[3], which work on top of HAL. Now that HAL is
no longer being actively developed and most distributions are considering
dropping support for it, those users will have to migrate to a new tool, and
udisks-glue might as well fill that gap.

udisks-glue should eventually offer the most useful features found in the
aforementioned projects. As of now, however, only the most basic functionality
is available (mounting and unmounting removable media). Contributions are

Note that this project is not affiliated with or endorsed by the udisks




For configuration options and examples, please refer to udisks-glue(1).

In most cases, you don't want to run udisks-glue as root. udisks-glue uses
udisks to mount devices, and udisks uses PolicyKit to tell whether or not an
user can mount a specific device. Depending on how your distribution sets up
PolicyKit, you might have to add a local policy to allow you to mount devices,
or maybe you can simply make sure you have a local and active ConsoleKit
session (e.g., by using a display manager that is ConsoleKit-aware). If you
can use udisks to mount devices (e.g. with "udisks --mount"), then udisks-glue
should be able to mount devices too even if not run as root.

Future goals

Our main goal is to expand the current functionality in order to provide a
decent replacement for disk-related use of halevt. Other stuff that's not part
of udisks might be implemented as well, if it's related enough and not a
complete hack.

One short-term goal is to provide automatic notifications for mount and
unmount events (using the FreeDesktop notification standards, preferably). A
more ambitious goal is to provide scripting support so that users can create
their own filter parameters.

Reporting bugs

Please use the GitHub issue tracker to post bug reports. If the issue hasn't
been reported yet and you have a patch, you might skip that step and send me
the patch directly and I'll apply it as soon as possible.


Any help is appreciated, please feel free to contribute. I'll review your
patches and commit them if they are in accordance with this project's goals,
and you'll be credited for the changes (I may ask you to change a few things
things before your patches are accepted, though).

For the time being, send your patches to:

Fernando Tarlá Cardoso Lemos <fernandotcl AT>

Please format your patches with "git format-patch" and then attach them to an
e-mail instead of sending the patches inlined in the message. This makes it
easier for me to apply them.

Another option is to fork the project on GitHub and send me pull requests.

If you want to implement a new feature, please ping me first so that we can
discuss it and also so that we don't end up implementing the same thing twice.


udisks-glue was created by:

Fernando Tarlá Cardoso Lemos <fernandotcl AT>

The following people have contributed to this project (in alphabetical order):

Jan Palus <jan.palus AT>


Utility to associate udisks events to user-defined actions



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