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Send songs, videos, web urls from your phone to your desktop with a flick of your wrist
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Fling Readme

Developed by Abi Raja, Feross Aboukhadijeh, and Alex Hicks-Nelson for Stanford ACM Big Hack 2012. We won second place.

Fling your content around!

Fling is an iPhone app and bookmarklet that let's you fling content (like music, web urls, and youtube videos) from your phone onto a nearby computer. The computer you're sending too only needs a web browser to receive flings. We also built a Mac app so if you're a regular flinger you can fling without even opening a browser window! This is super handy if you like to continue listening to your iPod music on your desktop speakers when you get home.

How to Run It

The server is written in Node.js and CoffeeScript. Objective C for the Mac and iPhone apps and JavaScript for the bookmarklet, of course. All the code is hackathon-quality and we haven't touched it since the hackathon, so we make no guarantees about code quality or runability of anything! Here be dragons...


To get the server running,

npm install
coffee src/
open http://localhost:5000

Run this in a new terminal window

coffee -w -o js/ -c src/*.coffee


  • /new with geolocation


id -> {name, geolocation, ip} frisbee -> do animation, etc.

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