List of conferences/meetups that I'm attending
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List of conferences that I'm attending. (BOLD = Tentative, need to get tickets.)


Conference Date Location Speaker
CCC Dec Hamburg TBD
JSConf Asia Nov Singapore TBD
NodeFest Nov Tokyo TBD
Nordic JS Sep 7 - 8 Stockholm TBD
ColdFront Conf Sep 3 Copenhagen TBD
DEFCON Jul 27 - 30 Las Vegas TBD
HolyJS Jun Moscow TBD
NodeConf Adventure Jun Petaluma, CA TBD
JSConf EU May 6 - 7 Berlin TBD

Consider: JSConf Uruguay, JSConf Colombia,,,

For more ideas, see hacker-conferences.


Conference Date Location Speaker
NodeConf Argentina Nov 18-19 Buenos Aires Real-world Electron
NodeJS Conf Italy Oct 22 Desenzano, Italy Electron workshop
NodeConf EU Oct 16 - 20 Kilkenny, Ireland Electron workshop
FOMS Oct 12 San Francisco
Decentralized Web Summit Jun 7 - 8 San Francisco P2P Panel, WebTorrent
SIGNAL Conference May 24 - 25 San Francisco BitTorrent in the browser (video)
SF WebRTC Meetup May 18 Mountain View, CA
CSV Conf May 3 - 4 Berlin
SquatConf Apr 29 - 30 Berlin WebTorrent
Collaboration Summit Mar 29 - 31 Lake Tahoe
Arctic JS Jan 19 - 21 Longyearbyen, Svalbard Using Ancient Browser APIs for Fun ...and Profit? (video)


Conference Date Location Speaker
CC Congress Dec 27 - 30 Hamburg, Germany
ColdFront Conf Sep 3 Copenhagen, Denmark Web Apps of The Future (video) (slides)
CC Camp Aug 13 - 17 Berlin, Germany
SF WebRTC meetup Jul 1 San Francisco WebRTC Beyond the Browser
Google I/O WebRTC meetup May 28 San Francisco WebTorrent demo (video)
Data Terra Nemo May 23 Berlin, Germany WebRTC Everywhere (video) (slides)
NodeConf One-Shot Mar 28 Christchurch, New Zealand Adventures in P2P JavaScript (slides)
opoJS Feb 26 Porto, Portugal
SINFO Feb 23 - 24 Lisbon, Portugal How BitTorrent Works (video) (slides)


Conference Date Location Speaker
NUS (tech talk) Nov 21 Singapore Intro to BitTorrent and WebTorrent
JSConf Asia Nov 20 - 21 Singapore Intro to BitTorrent and WebTorrent (video) (slides)
NodeConf EU Sep 7 - 11 Dublin, Ireland WebRTC Mad Science (video)
NodeConf Jul 4 - 7 San Francisco Browserify Adventure (nodeschool)
LXJS Jun 27 - 28 Lisbon, Portugal Peer-to-peer Web (video) (slides)
JS.LA Apr 29 Los Angeles How I built a BitTorrent client in the browser (video)
CraftConf Apr 23 - 25 Budapest, Hungary WebTorrent – Bringing BitTorrent to the Web (video) (slides)
JavaScript Fest Mar 9 San Francisco Demystifying WebRTC
DHTMLConf Mar 8 San Francisco
WebRTC Camp Mar 8 San Francisco Staff


Conference Date Location Speaker
WebRTC Camp Oct 20 Portland Staff
Realtime Conf Oct 19 - 20 Portland WebRTC Data Black Magic (video) (slides)
NodeConf EU Sep 6 - 10 Dublin, Ireland
DEFCON 21 Aug 7 - 10 Las Vegas
eBay (tech talk) Aug 6 San Jose PeerCDN (slides)
NodeConf Jun 27 - 30 San Francisco
SHIFT Conference May 24 - 25 Split, Croatia What the Open Web Can Do for You (slides)

2010-2012 (University Years)

Conference Date Location Speaker
DEFCON 20 Aug 7, 2012 Las Vegas
Stanford ACM Jan 20, 2012 Stanford Database Passwords Everywhere (slides)
Stanford ASES Feb 26, 2011 Stanford How to Start Your Company by Age 21 (panel)
Stanford ACM Oct 29, 2010 Stanford Going Viral on the Web
Stanford ASES Oct 18, 2010 Stanford The Story of YouTube Instant
Stanford ACM Jan 29, 2010 Stanford Web Security at Stanford University (slides)