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Run an array of functions in series
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Run an array of functions in series

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npm install run-series


series(tasks, [callback])

Run the functions in the tasks array in series, each one running once the previous function has completed. If any functions in the series pass an error to its callback, no more functions are run, and callback is immediately called with the value of the error. Otherwise, callback receives an array of results when tasks have completed.

  • tasks - An array containing functions to run, each function is passed a callback(err, result) which it must call on completion with an error err (which can be null) and an optional result value.
  • callback(err, results) - An optional callback to run once all the functions have completed. This function gets a results array containing all the result arguments passed to the task callbacks.
var series = require('run-series')

  function (callback) {
    // do some stuff ...
    callback(null, 'one')
  function (callback) {
    // do some stuff ...
    callback(null, 'two')
// optional callback
function (err, results) {
  // the results array will equal ['one','two']

This module is basically equavalent to async.series, but it's handy to just have the functions you need instead of the kitchen sink. Modularity! Especially handy if you're serving to the browser and need to reduce your javascript bundle size.

Works great in the browser with browserify!

see also


MIT. Copyright (c) Feross Aboukhadijeh.

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