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Oscp study

Notes of my Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) study plan.

Last update: 2019-04-10

OSCP-like VMs on Vulnhub:

  • Beginner friendly:
    • Kioptrix: Level 1 (#1) [ok]
    • Kioptrix: Level 1.1 (#2) [ok]
    • Kioptrix: Level 1.2 (#3) [ok]
    • Kioptrix: Level 1.3 (#4) [ok]
    • FristiLeaks: 1.3 [ok]
    • Stapler: 1 [ok]
    • PwnLab: init [ok]
    • Pluck: 1 [ok]
    • W1R3S: 1.0.1 [ok]
  • Intermediate:
    • Kioptrix: 2014 [ok]
    • Brainpan: 1 (Part 1 of BO is relevant to OSCP. egghunting is out of scope though)
    • Mr-Robot: 1 [ok]
    • HackLAB: Vulnix [ok]
    • Not so sure (Didn't solve them yet):
    • VulnOS: 2 [ok]
    • SickOs: 1.2 [ok]
    • /dev/random: scream
    • pWnOS: 2.0
    • SkyTower: 1
    • IMF
    • Lord of the Root 1.0.1 [ok]
    • Tr0ll
    • Pegasus
    • SkyTower [ok]
  • Windows
    • Metasploitable 3
    • Bobby: 1 (Uses VulnInjector, need to provide you own ISO and key.)

(credits for @abatchy)

Link to download VMs: (HTB)

I strongly recommend the boxes on the to study for OSCP cert. HTB has a good set of windows boxes to training: Devel, Optimum, Bastard, Grandpa, Blue, Sizzle, Reel.

My hackthebox profile: Feel free to contact me there :)

PS: It's needed to solve a little "challenge" to obtain the invite.

Recommended books:

Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking (+Highly recommended for beginners)
Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition
Rtfm: Red Team Field Manual
The Web Application Hacker's Handbook: Finding and Exploiting Security Flaws
The Hacker Playbook: Practical Guide To Penetration Testing

Stack-based buffer overflow links [must-read]: [Recommended] [PT-BR]

Other interesting links: [+ EXCELLENT tool from @21y4d to enumeration... I really recommend it :) ] [Linux privilege escalation] [Windows privilege escalation] [+Scripts] [RECOMMENDED reading]

My write-ups

Kioptrix level 1
Kioptrix level 1.1
Kioptrix level 1.2


Notes of my OSCP study plan






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