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A puppet module to manage circus.


You have a package named "circus" that installs:

  • /usr/bin/circusd
  • /usr/bin/circusctl

You are running some OS that uses Upstart, with configuration files in /etc/init/ and an initctl in /sbin.

System Layout

Installs a global /etc/circus.ini, and each circus::watcher instance gets a config file under /etc/circus.d/. The circus daemon is configured to log to /var/log/circus.log, and store a pid file as /var/run/

Example Usage

This puppet code:

circus::watcher {
        cmd  => "/bin/bash",
        args => "-c 'sleep 30'",
        numprocesses => 3;

Creates a config file that looks like this:

cmd = /bin/bash
args = -c 'sleep 30'
warmup_delay = 0
numprocesses = 3

And generates a puppet exec resource you can use to notify when you want to restart your program:

file {
        ensure => file,
        source => "...",
        notify => Exec["circus-restart-petef-test"];
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