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Ruby library to access the Watchmouse API

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This is a Ruby library to access the Watchmouse API.

Only API version 1.6 is supported right now (the latest stable version).

Example library usage

Create a new API object by specifying the version you want, login, and password:

require "watchmouse/api"

api ="latest", "", "MyPassword")
api.acct_noop   # Will automatically call acct_login

It's important to call acct_logout at the end of your scripts because the API enforces a maximum number of concurrent sessions. A session expires after some period (15 minutes currently) of inactivity.

If you want to preserve the same session across runs, specify a path to a "cookie jar":

api ="latest", "", "MyPassword", "/tmp/cookiejar")

Now that we have an api session, let's inspect all rules with the tag "foo":

res = api.rule_get(:tags => "foo")
res["rules"].each { |rule| puts "got rule #{rule['name']}" }

All methods may raise Watchmouse::Error if there is a problem with the API call.

To see all of the available methods and parameters for those methods, see the API documentation:

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