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== V2.11c - 8 November 2018 ==
-Translations updated for de
== V2.11b - 2 November 2018 ==
- Small update to use wikia-specific behavior on new fandom domain.
== V2.11 - 25 August 2018 ==
- Clicking a Notification now opens RCM in chrome
- New option, data-timeFormat, which can accept 12 or 24 (default), with 12 adding AM/PM to timestamps
- Now uses default values found in "Special:Preferences > Under the Hood" before applying anything else.
- Small bug fixes
== V2.10c - 5 July 2018 ==
-Translations updated for ru/uk/be
== V2.10b - 18 June 2018 ==
- Error message explaining potential issue with loading HTTP wiki over an HTTPS connection.
== V2.10 - 1 May 2018 ==
- Https compliance
- [Bug] Fixed https links not being parsed properly
- [Bug] If a refresh happened after the day changed, any new entries added to previous days ended up at the bottom of that day's list.
== V2.9b - 2 December 2017 ==
-`stylesheet.css` moved to MediaWiki namespace on dev wikia.
== V2.9 - 29 July 2017 ==
-Added .rcm-useranon to anon user links.
-Added "view/restore" link to end of deletion logs if user has undelete rights on that wiki.
-Moved the WikiData.canBlock flags into a "user" object inside same class.
== V2.8 - 20 July 2017 ==
- [Bug] "revisionasof" requires $2 and $3 in some parameters to display properly (de) (reported by DarkBarbarian)
- Each rc-entry now has a class for it's corresponding namespace (requested by leviathan_89)
- Links to user pages now have classes added to themselves for what group a user belongs to, and if they're blocked. (requested by leviathan_89)
== V2.7 - 15 July 2017 ==
- [Bug] Having a 2nd colon appear in a title with a namespace caused everything after the 2nd colon in a title to be lost (reported by DarkBarbarian)
== V2.6 - 28 January 2017 ==
- Script no longer removes and re-adds whole list on refresh. This is to help lag on large "limit" sizes, and reduce burden on the server.
- Changing one of the "Recent changes options" will perform a "hard refresh" like it did before, removing all items from the list.
- Old items (as defined by "days" / "limit") are removed.
- Fixed small bug where RCMOptions didn't show correct value for days/limit when it was a custom value.
- Discussions:
- Changed to be enabled by default, since they are now fetched using the "Since" attribute, and the refresh rework makes them less time consuming.
- Fixed bug were it was possible for a user's returned avatar being added to page without being scaled down.
- In most cases discussions titles were showing up as "null" in notifications. They now either used a previously retrieved title, or don't have a title.
- Added a "remove" option to wiki loading encase a wiki is temporarily down.
- Made timestamp a page-wide variable; it's set to the value of data-timestamp that's on the first "rc-content-multiple" div.
- data-autorefresh-evenOnFocus added to add an option to prevent page from refreshing if you currently have it open and focused. On/Refreshed on focus by default.
- [Bug] Changing something in the options panel during wiki loading would crash script due try trying to refresh it before all neccisary info was loaded.
- RCMModal now keeps track of it's retrieved modal factory.
- [Bug] Closing out of a modal while it's content is loading no longer tries to add content to non-existent modal.
== V2.5 - 14 January 2017 ==
- Tweaked usage of mw object:
- cached mw.config variables.
- changed various console.log()s / "if debug then console.log()"s to mw.log()s.
- debug detection now uses config.get("debug").
- url encoding now uses mw.util.wikiUrlencode().
- url params are now gotten through mw.util.getParamValue().
- script now uses (and caches) mw.user.options
- Dates now use the chosen formatting from user settings.
- System messages now use user's gender.
- [Bug] Extra colon appearing on wiki list (Bug added in V2.4)
- [Bug] "undefined" shown for wiki error instead of message / retry button(s) (Bug added in V2.4)
- Discussions now fetch data using the "since" attribute to avoid unnecessary loading.
== V2.4 - 11 December 2016 ==
- Script can now load in Tab Views. Required small rewrite to make script wait for all tabs to load.
- [Bug] tab title still showed "new" even after you visit the tab.
- Page preview should now have some more CSS / JS working (such as list style, and infobox tabs/collapsing).
- [Bug] Fixed a bug using scoped styles in Firefox. Checked if "scoped" was supported, but never actually used it.
- Animated SVGs now use CSS instead of SMIL (since Chrome depreciated it).
- [Bug] The second (or more) local links on commit messages were broken.
- Notifications now include log type
- Condenced some RCMManager loading call methods
== V2.3 - 1 December 2016 ==
- [Bug] Discussion timestamps weren't being set correctly, and ended up being stored via local time (instead of UTC).
- [Bug] Discussion timestamp and title ajax load weren't being added when "grouped recent changes" was toggled off.
== V2.2 - 26 November 2016 ==
- Reworked loading:
- Translations must be loaded before managers are initialized.
- siteinfo and other 1-off info must be loaded before rc data (necessary for discussions).
- Ajax diff now loads local css (instead of hardcoding style which required a white background).
- SVGs reworked to use <symbol> and <use> tags.
- Wikia Discussion system added to script.
- Currently only grabs up to limit of 50. Will use RC options if less than 50 (potentially doubling total results).
- Discussions display avatar for users (since the api returns the links).
- Can be turned on with data-discussions-enabled attribute.
- Added a toggle option to turn discussions on/off.
== V2.1 - 20 November 2016 ==
- Ajax diff timestamps now link to diff as well as have edit buttons next to them (and the new edit has an undo button). Added to mirror normal diff behavior.
- Ajax diff also shows the "m" minor icon. Added to mirror normal diff behavior.
- [Bug] Fixed issue with retrieving thread names that had specific special characters in them due to being escaped for html rather than urls.
- [Bug] Notifications showed HTML (like when a →‎ icon was shown from a section edit)
- Added ajax page preview button. Currently works on articles, and single edits of comments/walls/boards (not whole conversations).
- This feature is very unpolished. Not all CSS is loaded, not all scripts run, etc.
== V2.0 - 29 October 2016 ==
- Project converted to TypeScript.
- added RC_TYPE enum
- added RCParams interface
- start.ts is now the new starting point for core.js
- converted Main into a singleton class (called from start.ts)
- added a new class ConstantsApp, and moved various attribute from Main into it.
- Small bug fixes
- Updating version number to just use two numbers.
== V1.2.9e - 17 October 2016 ==
- [Bug] Trying to view same diff twice would cause diff to never load.
- Ajax diff now shows revision timestamp, user, and commit summary.
- Increased modal font-size a bit.
- Flashing "New" page title now also includes number of changes.
== V1.2.9d - 16 October 2016 ==
- Added 3 new options for notifications as per request: data-notifications-hideusers=, &notifications_hideusers, &notifications_enabled. These control when notifications are sent out.
- As per request, added a data-ajaxlinks= option. This will make the diff/upload log links behave same as icon when clicked.
- Notification now include edit summary, and have page title / editor / summary on separate lines. Notifications now also say number of changes for last edited wiki as well as total.
== V1.2.9c - 15 October 2016 ==
- lang: vi @author: Dai ca superman
- Fixed small localization bug. I assumed all `rclinks` localizations had br tag. Ones that do not (oc, vi) show an unhandled "$3" string variable.
- [Bug] Fixed the cookie for "auto refresh" being used for all RCMs on the page. Note: This fix will cause current auto-refresh cookies to no longer work.
- Notifications now include editor's name
- Modal rework - now has it's own class (RCMModal) and updated to use wikia.ui.factory method of modals. Modals are now also mobile-friendly.
- RCMs with no wikis in the list no longer pretend to keep loading (no reason to ever be empty though).
- If only 1 item is on the list, the background and icon on each item line is removed. The wiki panel at top of script is plenty of information in this case.
- Project now uses Less-css (during compile-time)
== V1.2.9b - 13 October 2016 ==
- Notification icon added
- Bug fix for auto-refresh time stamp.
- Auto-refresh notifications now also include the wiki name.
- Script now indicates there was a new version change for a few days.
- Auto-refresh will now attempt "try again" if connection error happens.
== V1.2.9 - 12 October 2016 ==
- Optional Notification system added to auto refresh when tab/window doesn't have focus. Browser prompts you to accept notifications on enabling auto refresh.
- When auto refresh is enabled and when tab/window doesn't have focus, the tab / window title flashes the word "new".
- When a modal (ajax diff / gallery) is open, auto refresh will wait until you close it to continue.
- When auto refresh is enabled and when tab/window doesn't have focus, the "previously loaded" message appears at the last spot from when it had focus.
== V1.2.8 - 7 September 2016 ==
- lang update: it
- Error catching added for system message retrieval. (Thanks Kopcap94)
- "data-localSystemMessages" feature added for restricted wiki language support.
== V1.2.7f - 6 September 2016 ==
- lang updated: it @author: Leviathan 89
- Wikia updated "mediawiki.action.history.diff" and stylesheet updated to reflect it.
== V1.2.7e - 4 July 2016 ==
- lang: nl @author: Mainframe98
== V1.2.7d - 1 June 2016 ==
- lang: ja @author: [anonymous]
- lang: pt-br updated
== V1.2.7c - 25 May 2016 ==
- lang: be, ru, uk @author: Mix Gerder
- lang: de @author: Cyanide3
== V1.2.7b - 24 May 2016 ==
- pt-br updated.
- ca, gl, it, oc, pt, ro, val translations provided by Josep Maria Roca Peña.
- zh and zh-hant translations provided by TsukiYaksha.
== V1.2.7 - 22 May 2016 ==
- i18n system updated to be more concise, consistent, and with the ability to override system translations.
- All RCMs on page can be refreshed at once using a button with the `rcm-refresh-all` class.
- Opening info panel via favicon on the left won't jump the page any longer if the panel is within your view ("visible").
- If an RCM only has 1 wiki in it, the info panel will open automatically.
- Moved info panel code into it's own class, RCMWikiPanel.
- "Load more" button added to ajax gallery (since only 50 images may be retrieved at a time).
- pt-br lang support added (Translation provided by DannielaServer).
== V1.2.6 - 30 April 2016 ==
- "namespace" support added for "params".
- [Bug] Having zero changes listed would result in refresh button never appearing.
== V1.2.5 - 19 April 2016 ==
- "data-autorefresh-enabled" feature added to toggle auto refresh on/off by default (as per
- [Bug] Gallery: “+” in image url caused image name to not work.
- [Bug] Gallery: audio listings broke due to tImage being null
- ajax diff/img icon now uses cursor:pointer + some hover styling.
== V1.2.4b - 7 March 2016 ==
- [Bug] Ajax Image preview now uses thumbnail url instead of normal url.
== V1.2.4 - 4 March 2016 ==
- Added ajax image preview for file namespace / upload log (for grouped upload log, all images appear in a gallery [up to the 50 cap for thumbnails])
- Non-image assets appear in gallery, just listed as their file name.
- [Bug] Currently "breaks" (sometimes?) if the uploaded file was a redirect. telling script to follow redirect doesn't retrieve all info.
- Favicon images that open the "info banner" now display cursor:pointer; when hovered over.
- [Bug] "Minor" flag no longer bubbles up the the head on grouped changes (like "new" and "bot" changes do), so as to be more in-line with RecentChanges.
- [Bug] Fixed all wall/forum thread actions being displayed as "reopened thread [thread] on [wall]".
- Version number at bottom of script is now a link to github changelog.
== V1.2.3 - 23 January 2016 ==
- Default &bgcolor= opacity decreased back to previous value (20%->10%).
- Dynamic CSS classes changed to us "mw.util.addCSS()"
- Script updated to support being stored in the MediaWiki namespace on a wiki.
- [Bug] Fixed &bgcolor not working when changes were not grouped (hideenhanced=1)
- Tweaked how &bgcolor and default backgrounds to always utilize the rcm-tiled-favicon, even for tables.
== V1.2.2 - 10 January 2016 ==
- [Bug] options cookie changed to be per RCM, not EVERY RCM.
- [Bug] Fixed small code error when wiki doesn't exist / timesout.
- [Bug] diff viewer "Close" button fixed
- Diff viewer close button now looks different from the diff/undo buttons.
- For RCList expand/hide arrows, removed href=”#” (no need for ie back support, and it occasionally causes page to jump to top)
- [Bug] Things that were supposed to be waiting for translations from the server weren't. This has been fixed.
- [Bug] “hidemyself” was not working properly in data-params (hid by default, even though it should show by default. fixed.
- Added link for "Special:Random" to a wiki's info banner
- [Bug] fixed a small code error that was triggered when RCM was refreshed while thread title retrieval wasn't finished.
- Changed diff window text color to near black, since text color on dark wikis is white, and a white diff background is forced due to monobook support.
- Wiki info banner shows some stats on the wiki's count of users/pages/files
- Clicking a favicon along the left side will now bring you to the top of the RCM container, and open the wiki info banner.
- [Bug] Various links were not checking for special characters (specifically ?, but also % and ' and "). This caused links with a "?" at the end to link incorrectly.
- Individual wikis may now define a background color (bgcolor) to show behind recent changes instead of a favicon. Any valid CSS color (or even url()) works.
- [Bug] diff viewer positioning oddly on monobook. Opening it a second time with loaded content fixed.
- On scroll, diff viewer now prevents the page from scrolling while it's open.
== V1.2.1 - 20 December 2015 ==
- Make ajax diff viewer container have a max height less than the screen height (so you scroll container, not page)
- Moved some inline CSS to stylesheet
- [Bug] Anons were not being detected correctly, causing all links to link to their userpage (like normal users) instead of to their Contributions page.
- "Wikis Loaded" favicons are no longer links; instead, they will bring up an info box with various links (more may be added later):
- Front page (by clicking name of wiki)
- Special:RecentChanges (same behavior as before; link has same settings that the script uses for that wiki)
- Special:NewPages
- Special:NewFiles
- Special:Log
- Special:Insights (if Wikia wiki)
- [Bug] Wall / Board -action- titles were not getting updated via ajax (e.g. reopened thread [thread name]).
- [Bug] When clicking the RC link for a wiki, the script will now include the params from the RCMOptions form (instead of only preset values)
- RCMOptions panel now as an option to remember your changes via a cookie.
== V1.2.0 - 12 December 2015 ==
- changelog file started (changes before this point added retroactively)
- Script pre-loader added (script only loads when needed).
- Rewrite of classes so that they may stand alone (and be loaded in separately in the future).
- To that end, some Class / variable names were renamed and where/how they were stored was altered.
- "RecentChangesMultiple" class renamed to "RCMManager" (clarity)
- When side rail is removed, the "home-top-right-ads" is also hidden (was making script look bad).
- options panel uses same collapse code RecentChanmges options panel (even same cookie).
* "&username=" support for external wikis. Disabled by default otherwise, and not necessary for wikia wikis (assuming you use same username).
== V1.1.7 - 1 December 2015 ==
- "hide rail" option now uses CSS class for style.
- Wikia favicon support improved (since Wikia wikis aren't V1.23+ yet)
- "Options panel" added.
- Bug fixes.
== V1.1.6 - 6 November 2015 ==
- secondary loading added for forum/wall titles (turn off with data-extraLoadingEnabled)
- duplicate wikis ignored
- url param support added
- more changes added to screen at once (faster for FF)
- small bug fixes
- started code for options panel
== V1.1.5 - 5 October 2015 ==
- Added data-loaddelay.
== V1.1.4d - 20 September 2015 ==
- fixed a bug with favicons on external wikis.
== V1.1.4c - 20 September 2015 ==
- ES translation added (Translation by Paynekiller92)
== V1.1.4b - 11 September 2015 ==
- fixed auto refresh bug.
- removed extra ".."
== V1.1.4 - 29 August 2015 ==
- bug fixes:
- page names with quotes link correctly
- "previously loaded" appears in right place
- grouping fixed
- "Comments" link for group behaves logically
- some uses of removed "pageName" changed to "title"
== V1.1.3c - 9 August 2015 ==
- hideenhanced now has entries ordered properly, as expected.
== V1.1.3b - 8 August 2015 ==
- some checks added for if user/log action/commit summary are "hidden".
== V1.1.3 - 8 August 2015 ==
- hideenhanced supported
- rc-params now fall-through rather than replace for wiki-specific params
- more localization support
- Bug fixes
== V1.1.2c - 3 August 2015 ==
- Fixed links in parsed comments that use relative paths.
== V1.1.2b - 2 August 2015 ==
- fixed an issue with displaying ajax diffs
- added some rollback code (not active since can't tell if a RC is most recent version).
- FF strict mode bug
- Fixed bug nulling something to soon.
- Added Polish translation for something added in V1.2 (translation by Szynka013).
== V1.1.2 - 1 August 2015 ==
- Ajax diff viewer re-added (now does ajax on a case-per-case basis).
- Script now displays a banner if there were no new updates since last time.
== V1.1.1 - 30 July 2015 ==
- Bug fixes:
- "messages" loading issues fixed
- forum/board messages group properly
- auto refresh fixed
== V1.1.0 - 28 July 2015 ==
- Major rewrite using MediaWiki API directly (instead of parsing RSS feed). Code now uses "code.2.js" for file.
- Important notes:
- "&subdir" removed, and "&scriptdir" added (may be necessary for non-wikia wikis, see above). ex: &scriptdir=w/
- "data-params" now offers much more support. "days" and "limit" now work up to same amount as normal for each wiki on the list. As such this should be limited to a few days / a lower limit to avoid loading potentially thousands of changes. Individual wikis can have these limits modified using "&params"
- Changes:
- Changed translating to use the exact i18n info from Wikia's github for RC_TEXT. Loads RC_TEXT from the server based on your language.
- Boards/walls now also check for [ restore, delete, remove ] for "replies" instead of assuming it's the actual thread.
- All (normal) RecentChanges params supported, except "hideenhanced", "from", and viewing a select namespace.
- Bot edits can now be shown (off by default), and "minor" edits are now marked.
- gApp instance turned into the RecentChangesMultiple class (to potentially run multiple for whatever reason, plus I prefer "traditional" OO class structures)
- As such, #rc-content-multiple id should now be a .rc-content-multiple class to allow for multiple instances (although using ids is still supported)
- Additional Special:RecentChanges CSS classes used.
- Rewrote RC / RCList objects (to bring a little more inline with how it's structure in mw system)
- New "WikiData" class for storing wiki-specific data in a more understandable way, while also providing helper methods
- data-groupaddcategories support removed
== V1.0.3 - 1 August 2015 ==
- Depreciation notice added (V1.1.0 is new version)
== V1.0.2c - 13 July 2015 ==
- German PARSE support.
== V1.0.2b - 13 July 2015 ==
- Polish Translation for TEXT - Translation by Szynka013 and Matik7
== V1.0.2 - 12 July 2015 ==
- More Polish Translation (RC_TEXT)
- some small things changed to make translating certain things possible.
== 1.0.1d - 12 July 2015 ==
- when parsing, if there is no lang subdomain identifier (fr., pl., etc) the script will attempt to parse using your default user language (if supported).
== V1.0.1c - 12 July 2015 ==
- Polish PARSE support
== V1.0.1b - 10 July 2015 ==
- fixed issue where I removed checks for unsupported comment threads (due to lang not being in PARSE) after I added language support. Thanks Szynka013 for mentioning the bug.
== V1.0.1 - 5 July 2015 ==
- Localization support added
- wall/board support fixed
- &lang= wiki attribute added for parsing localization
== V1.0.0 - 29 June 2015 ==
- updating version to indicate released
- tweaked wording of diff module popout.
== V0.9.1 - 28 June 2015 ==
- ajaxDiff icon changed to a svg column image
- some extra options on diff module added
== V0.9.0 - 28 June 2015 ==
-Added the ability to see diffs without changing page by hitting gear icon.
== V0.8.4 - 28 June 2015 ==
- Added support for connection issues while loading
- fixed issue with collapsed comments showing "hist" link
- added data-groupaddcategories support.
== V0.8.3 - 28 June 2015 ==
- Updated / "finished" log detection (also added checks for maps / abuse filters)
- fixed comment grouping.
== Beta - 22-27 May 2015 ==
- Auto refresh added
- Bug fixes
- Better thread support
- CSS move to separate stylesheet (instead of hard-coded in the script)
- Stared version numbering (V0.8.1 - V0.8.2b)
== Alpha - 2-14 February 2015 ==
- Support for "logs" added
- Favicons added
- Comment / thread support
- added script to dev wiki (did not promote for public use)
== Pre-alpha (proof of concept) ==
Loaded in multiple RSS feeds from Wikia wikis and had them sort by date (among other small things)