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== 2.15d - 11 January 2021 ==
- Fixed error in secondary loading when loading over 50 users' data
- Secondary loading now retries if loading error
== 2.15c - 28 November 2020 ==
-On options panel changed "discussions" to "social activity"
-If nothing in "social activity" is selected, it now says "(none)" instead of being blank
-`data-discussions-enabled` now can accept values to only enabled certain social activities by default
== 2.15b - 21 November 2020 ==
-my fix to UCP removing "collapsible" for RC style tables conflicted with default collapsible behavior due to class names. fixed this by updating class names to not conflict
== 2.15 - 1 November 2020 ==
-Added option to hide wikis
-Added buttons for hiding/showing the wiki to the panel as well as wiki list (to show all hidden ones at once)
-Hidden wikis show up in a new section to the right of loaded wikis
-Code rewrite and small redesign for wiki info panel
-Wiki name now appears above stat table instead of to the left
-Wiki favicon now shows up on the left by itself, and is twice the size
-Loaded wikis now always show up in the same order (instead of in the order of when they loaded), to make it easier to find the one you want to click
-"Wikis Loaded" now has a tooltip to make it more obvious wiki icons are clickable
== 2.14d - 31 October 2020 ==
-Fixed small CSS issue on UCP regarding wiki backgrounds
-Updated build packages / removed unused ones
-Changed build output from `build/` to `dist/`
-During build comments are now removed from output
-Small WikiData rewrite
-Fixed bug with fandom comment page names being double encoded in urls
-discussion-based posts done by anons now properly uses their IPs
== 2.14c - 27 September 2020 ==
-Fixed bug preventing "protect" logs from showing details on modern wikis (UCP)
-Script updated so it will fire after VisualEditor edits (both before and after core script is loaded)
-Renamed some JS classes
-Moved static RCData modal helper functions to thier own file GlobalModal
-Moved log data in RCData to RCDataLog
== V2.14b - 23 September 2020 ===
-UCP tweaks / bug fixes
-Fixed word wrap issue based on script's talk page
-Discussion-based comments now link correctly
-Changing dev i18n translation data to use my wiki2html for parsing over the dev script's version to avoid it's html escaping
-Added dropdown for discussion type filtering
== V2.14 - 26 August 2020 ==
-I18n revamp
-Translation system reworked to use I18n-js for easier translating
-Multiple i18n MESSAGES replaced or moved to custom messages due to UCP removing many messages
-Added support for fetching legacy messages on UCP wiki
-i18n() now uses I18nKey as an arguement to ensure all translation IDs are typed correctly and expected.
-Moved all custom translation messages (i18n.TEXT) to I18n-js. See details at end of this version notes
-Discussion-based Comments now load thier page names as expected! Big thanks to MarkusRost for pointing out how, and thanks to KockaAdmiralac for pointing out a proxy could get around the CORS issue.
-Updated code to use JQuery typing, custom MediaWiki typing, and an extended window; window calls no longer use <any>
-Added wikia-chiclet-button to CSS for UCP support
-Removed old code / messages about Wikia Maps feature, as it has been removed
-Tweaked gallery modal so clicking image brings you to wiki page, and viewing image uses a new button next to caption
-Converted rc "arr_" images to CSS as uri data. This was done for 2 reasons:
-Encase those png image are ever removed (since they are no longer used on UCP)
-To be more efficient (better than manually having an img tag each time)
-As translation data is now in a JSON and can't have comments, I'm putting all the names of people who translated in the past here:
[be] Беларуская (BELARUSIAN) @author: Mix Gerder
[ca] Català (CATALAN) @author: Josep Maria Roca Peña
[de] Deutsch (German) @author: Cyanide3, Dragon Rainbow, SpacePucky
[es] Español (SPANISH) @author: Paynekiller92
[gl] Galego (GALICIAN) @author: Josep Maria Roca Peña
[it] Italiano (ITALIAN) @author: Leviathan 89
[ja] 日本語 (JAPANESE) @author: [anonymous]
[nl] Nederlands (DUTCH) @author: Mainframe98
[oc] Occitan (OCCITAN) @author: Josep Maria Roca Peña
[pl] Polski (POLISH) @author: Szynka013, Matik7
[pt] Português europeu (PORTUGUESE EUROPE) @author: Josep Maria Roca Peña
[pt-br] Português brasileiro (PORTUGUESE BRAZIL) @author: DannielaServer
[ro] Română (ROMANIAN) @author: Josep Maria Roca Peña
[ru] Русский (RUSSIAN) @author: Mix Gerder
[tr] Türkçe (TURKISH) @author: BaRaN6161TURK
[uk] Українська (UKRAINIAN) @author: Mix Gerder
[val] Valencià (VALENCIAN) @author: Josep Maria Roca Peña
[vi] Vietnamese @author: Dai ca superman
[zh] 中文 (CHINESE) @author: TsukiYaksha
[zh-hant] 中文 (繁體) (CHINESE TRADITIONAL) @author: TsukiYaksha
== V2.13b - 22 August 2020 ==
-Modals now use Modal.js and reworked to work on UCP
-Added CSS and JS fixes for features that scripts expected that were removed on UCP wikis
-Fixed various UCP related issues
== V2.13 - 15 August 2020 ==
-Fixed UCP fandom wikis not loading due to code trying to use old log system for all fandom wikis
-Fixed issue with UCP wiki favicons not showing correct image (seems fandom doesn't set "favicon" attribute correctly)
-Updated code to account for discussions now having 3 types; forum (normal), message wall, and article comments
-Link behavior for message walls somewhat fixed; article comments are not
-meta/repo changes:
-"branches" folder removed, and code moved to git branches
-removed "build" folder from the repo and added it to .gitignore
== V2.12b - 6 October 2019 ==
-Translations added for tr - provided by BaRaN6161TURK
-Analytiics link added to WikiPanel (if it's a wikia wiki, and you have the "analytics" right)
-Fixing some stuff that still uses wikia urls
== V2.12 - 8 March 2019 ==
-Updating parsing of wiki list
-http(s) and ending slashes are now allowed (to support new wikia /lang/ wiki format)
-Updated link var parsing. link vars can now:
-be used as before
-used as before but with a space between the link and first "&" (to prevent becoming part of link)
-be added to sub lists (either each link var on own list, or all on one seperated by &s)
-Fixed bug with discussion links to language wikis linking to english wiki.
-Added discussion link to wiki panel (if wiki has discussions enabled).
== V2.11c - 8 November 2018 ==
-Translations updated for de
== V2.11b - 2 November 2018 ==
- Small update to use wikia-specific behavior on new fandom domain.
== V2.11 - 25 August 2018 ==
- Clicking a Notification now opens RCM in chrome
- New option, data-timeFormat, which can accept 12 or 24 (default), with 12 adding AM/PM to timestamps
- Now uses default values found in "Special:Preferences > Under the Hood" before applying anything else.
- Small bug fixes
== V2.10c - 5 July 2018 ==
-Translations updated for ru/uk/be
== V2.10b - 18 June 2018 ==
- Error message explaining potential issue with loading HTTP wiki over an HTTPS connection.
== V2.10 - 1 May 2018 ==
- Https compliance
- [Bug] Fixed https links not being parsed properly
- [Bug] If a refresh happened after the day changed, any new entries added to previous days ended up at the bottom of that day's list.
== V2.9b - 2 December 2017 ==
-`stylesheet.css` moved to MediaWiki namespace on dev wikia.
== V2.9 - 29 July 2017 ==
-Added .rcm-useranon to anon user links.
-Added "view/restore" link to end of deletion logs if user has undelete rights on that wiki.
-Moved the WikiData.canBlock flags into a "user" object inside same class.
== V2.8 - 20 July 2017 ==
- [Bug] "revisionasof" requires $2 and $3 in some parameters to display properly (de) (reported by DarkBarbarian)
- Each rc-entry now has a class for it's corresponding namespace (requested by leviathan_89)
- Links to user pages now have classes added to themselves for what group a user belongs to, and if they're blocked. (requested by leviathan_89)
== V2.7 - 15 July 2017 ==
- [Bug] Having a 2nd colon appear in a title with a namespace caused everything after the 2nd colon in a title to be lost (reported by DarkBarbarian)
== V2.6 - 28 January 2017 ==
- Script no longer removes and re-adds whole list on refresh. This is to help lag on large "limit" sizes, and reduce burden on the server.
- Changing one of the "Recent changes options" will perform a "hard refresh" like it did before, removing all items from the list.
- Old items (as defined by "days" / "limit") are removed.
- Fixed small bug where RCMOptions didn't show correct value for days/limit when it was a custom value.
- Discussions:
- Changed to be enabled by default, since they are now fetched using the "Since" attribute, and the refresh rework makes them less time consuming.
- Fixed bug were it was possible for a user's returned avatar being added to page without being scaled down.
- In most cases discussions titles were showing up as "null" in notifications. They now either used a previously retrieved title, or don't have a title.
- Added a "remove" option to wiki loading encase a wiki is temporarily down.
- Made timestamp a page-wide variable; it's set to the value of data-timestamp that's on the first "rc-content-multiple" div.
- data-autorefresh-evenOnFocus added to add an option to prevent page from refreshing if you currently have it open and focused. On/Refreshed on focus by default.
- [Bug] Changing something in the options panel during wiki loading would crash script due try trying to refresh it before all neccisary info was loaded.
- RCMModal now keeps track of it's retrieved modal factory.
- [Bug] Closing out of a modal while it's content is loading no longer tries to add content to non-existent modal.
== V2.5 - 14 January 2017 ==
- Tweaked usage of mw object:
- cached mw.config variables.
- changed various console.log()s / "if debug then console.log()"s to mw.log()s.
- debug detection now uses config.get("debug").
- url encoding now uses mw.util.wikiUrlencode().
- url params are now gotten through mw.util.getParamValue().
- script now uses (and caches) mw.user.options
- Dates now use the chosen formatting from user settings.
- System messages now use user's gender.
- [Bug] Extra colon appearing on wiki list (Bug added in V2.4)
- [Bug] "undefined" shown for wiki error instead of message / retry button(s) (Bug added in V2.4)
- Discussions now fetch data using the "since" attribute to avoid unnecessary loading.
== V2.4 - 11 December 2016 ==
- Script can now load in Tab Views. Required small rewrite to make script wait for all tabs to load.
- [Bug] tab title still showed "new" even after you visit the tab.
- Page preview should now have some more CSS / JS working (such as list style, and infobox tabs/collapsing).
- [Bug] Fixed a bug using scoped styles in Firefox. Checked if "scoped" was supported, but never actually used it.
- Animated SVGs now use CSS instead of SMIL (since Chrome depreciated it).
- [Bug] The second (or more) local links on commit messages were broken.
- Notifications now include log type
- Condenced some RCMManager loading call methods
== V2.3 - 1 December 2016 ==
- [Bug] Discussion timestamps weren't being set correctly, and ended up being stored via local time (instead of UTC).
- [Bug] Discussion timestamp and title ajax load weren't being added when "grouped recent changes" was toggled off.
== V2.2 - 26 November 2016 ==
- Reworked loading:
- Translations must be loaded before managers are initialized.
- siteinfo and other 1-off info must be loaded before rc data (necessary for discussions).
- Ajax diff now loads local css (instead of hardcoding style which required a white background).
- SVGs reworked to use <symbol> and <use> tags.
- Wikia Discussion system added to script.
- Currently only grabs up to limit of 50. Will use RC options if less than 50 (potentially doubling total results).
- Discussions display avatar for users (since the api returns the links).
- Can be turned on with data-discussions-enabled attribute.
- Added a toggle option to turn discussions on/off.
== V2.1 - 20 November 2016 ==
- Ajax diff timestamps now link to diff as well as have edit buttons next to them (and the new edit has an undo button). Added to mirror normal diff behavior.
- Ajax diff also shows the "m" minor icon. Added to mirror normal diff behavior.
- [Bug] Fixed issue with retrieving thread names that had specific special characters in them due to being escaped for html rather than urls.
- [Bug] Notifications showed HTML (like when a →‎ icon was shown from a section edit)
- Added ajax page preview button. Currently works on articles, and single edits of comments/walls/boards (not whole conversations).
- This feature is very unpolished. Not all CSS is loaded, not all scripts run, etc.
== V2.0 - 29 October 2016 ==
- Project converted to TypeScript.
- added RC_TYPE enum
- added RCParams interface
- start.ts is now the new starting point for core.js
- converted Main into a singleton class (called from start.ts)
- added a new class ConstantsApp, and moved various attribute from Main into it.
- Small bug fixes
- Updating version number to just use two numbers.
== V1.2.9e - 17 October 2016 ==
- [Bug] Trying to view same diff twice would cause diff to never load.
- Ajax diff now shows revision timestamp, user, and commit summary.
- Increased modal font-size a bit.
- Flashing "New" page title now also includes number of changes.
== V1.2.9d - 16 October 2016 ==
- Added 3 new options for notifications as per request: data-notifications-hideusers=, &notifications_hideusers, &notifications_enabled. These control when notifications are sent out.
- As per request, added a data-ajaxlinks= option. This will make the diff/upload log links behave same as icon when clicked.
- Notification now include edit summary, and have page title / editor / summary on separate lines. Notifications now also say number of changes for last edited wiki as well as total.
== V1.2.9c - 15 October 2016 ==
- lang: vi @author: Dai ca superman
- Fixed small localization bug. I assumed all `rclinks` localizations had br tag. Ones that do not (oc, vi) show an unhandled "$3" string variable.
- [Bug] Fixed the cookie for "auto refresh" being used for all RCMs on the page. Note: This fix will cause current auto-refresh cookies to no longer work.
- Notifications now include editor's name
- Modal rework - now has it's own class (RCMModal) and updated to use wikia.ui.factory method of modals. Modals are now also mobile-friendly.
- RCMs with no wikis in the list no longer pretend to keep loading (no reason to ever be empty though).
- If only 1 item is on the list, the background and icon on each item line is removed. The wiki panel at top of script is plenty of information in this case.
- Project now uses Less-css (during compile-time)
== V1.2.9b - 13 October 2016 ==
- Notification icon added
- Bug fix for auto-refresh time stamp.
- Auto-refresh notifications now also include the wiki name.
- Script now indicates there was a new version change for a few days.
- Auto-refresh will now attempt "try again" if connection error happens.
== V1.2.9 - 12 October 2016 ==
- Optional Notification system added to auto refresh when tab/window doesn't have focus. Browser prompts you to accept notifications on enabling auto refresh.
- When auto refresh is enabled and when tab/window doesn't have focus, the tab / window title flashes the word "new".
- When a modal (ajax diff / gallery) is open, auto refresh will wait until you close it to continue.
- When auto refresh is enabled and when tab/window doesn't have focus, the "previously loaded" message appears at the last spot from when it had focus.
== V1.2.8 - 7 September 2016 ==
- lang update: it
- Error catching added for system message retrieval. (Thanks Kopcap94)
- "data-localSystemMessages" feature added for restricted wiki language support.
== V1.2.7f - 6 September 2016 ==
- lang updated: it @author: Leviathan 89
- Wikia updated "mediawiki.action.history.diff" and stylesheet updated to reflect it.
== V1.2.7e - 4 July 2016 ==
- lang: nl @author: Mainframe98
== V1.2.7d - 1 June 2016 ==
- lang: ja @author: [anonymous]
- lang: pt-br updated
== V1.2.7c - 25 May 2016 ==
- lang: be, ru, uk @author: Mix Gerder
- lang: de @author: Cyanide3
== V1.2.7b - 24 May 2016 ==
- pt-br updated.
- ca, gl, it, oc, pt, ro, val translations provided by Josep Maria Roca Peña.
- zh and zh-hant translations provided by TsukiYaksha.
== V1.2.7 - 22 May 2016 ==
- i18n system updated to be more concise, consistent, and with the ability to override system translations.
- All RCMs on page can be refreshed at once using a button with the `rcm-refresh-all` class.
- Opening info panel via favicon on the left won't jump the page any longer if the panel is within your view ("visible").
- If an RCM only has 1 wiki in it, the info panel will open automatically.
- Moved info panel code into it's own class, RCMWikiPanel.
- "Load more" button added to ajax gallery (since only 50 images may be retrieved at a time).
- pt-br lang support added (Translation provided by DannielaServer).
== V1.2.6 - 30 April 2016 ==
- "namespace" support added for "params".
- [Bug] Having zero changes listed would result in refresh button never appearing.
== V1.2.5 - 19 April 2016 ==
- "data-autorefresh-enabled" feature added to toggle auto refresh on/off by default (as per
- [Bug] Gallery: “+” in image url caused image name to not work.
- [Bug] Gallery: audio listings broke due to tImage being null
- ajax diff/img icon now uses cursor:pointer + some hover styling.
== V1.2.4b - 7 March 2016 ==
- [Bug] Ajax Image preview now uses thumbnail url instead of normal url.
== V1.2.4 - 4 March 2016 ==
- Added ajax image preview for file namespace / upload log (for grouped upload log, all images appear in a gallery [up to the 50 cap for thumbnails])
- Non-image assets appear in gallery, just listed as their file name.
- [Bug] Currently "breaks" (sometimes?) if the uploaded file was a redirect. telling script to follow redirect doesn't retrieve all info.
- Favicon images that open the "info banner" now display cursor:pointer; when hovered over.
- [Bug] "Minor" flag no longer bubbles up the the head on grouped changes (like "new" and "bot" changes do), so as to be more in-line with RecentChanges.
- [Bug] Fixed all wall/forum thread actions being displayed as "reopened thread [thread] on [wall]".
- Version number at bottom of script is now a link to github changelog.
== V1.2.3 - 23 January 2016 ==
- Default &bgcolor= opacity decreased back to previous value (20%->10%).
- Dynamic CSS classes changed to us "mw.util.addCSS()"
- Script updated to support being stored in the MediaWiki namespace on a wiki.
- [Bug] Fixed &bgcolor not working when changes were not grouped (hideenhanced=1)
- Tweaked how &bgcolor and default backgrounds to always utilize the rcm-tiled-favicon, even for tables.
== V1.2.2 - 10 January 2016 ==
- [Bug] options cookie changed to be per RCM, not EVERY RCM.
- [Bug] Fixed small code error when wiki doesn't exist / timesout.
- [Bug] diff viewer "Close" button fixed
- Diff viewer close button now looks different from the diff/undo buttons.
- For RCList expand/hide arrows, removed href=”#” (no need for ie back support, and it occasionally causes page to jump to top)
- [Bug] Things that were supposed to be waiting for translations from the server weren't. This has been fixed.
- [Bug] “hidemyself” was not working properly in data-params (hid by default, even though it should show by default. fixed.
- Added link for "Special:Random" to a wiki's info banner
- [Bug] fixed a small code error that was triggered when RCM was refreshed while thread title retrieval wasn't finished.
- Changed diff window text color to near black, since text color on dark wikis is white, and a white diff background is forced due to monobook support.
- Wiki info banner shows some stats on the wiki's count of users/pages/files
- Clicking a favicon along the left side will now bring you to the top of the RCM container, and open the wiki info banner.
- [Bug] Various links were not checking for special characters (specifically ?, but also % and ' and "). This caused links with a "?" at the end to link incorrectly.
- Individual wikis may now define a background color (bgcolor) to show behind recent changes instead of a favicon. Any valid CSS color (or even url()) works.
- [Bug] diff viewer positioning oddly on monobook. Opening it a second time with loaded content fixed.
- On scroll, diff viewer now prevents the page from scrolling while it's open.
== V1.2.1 - 20 December 2015 ==
- Make ajax diff viewer container have a max height less than the screen height (so you scroll container, not page)
- Moved some inline CSS to stylesheet
- [Bug] Anons were not being detected correctly, causing all links to link to their userpage (like normal users) instead of to their Contributions page.
- "Wikis Loaded" favicons are no longer links; instead, they will bring up an info box with various links (more may be added later):
- Front page (by clicking name of wiki)
- Special:RecentChanges (same behavior as before; link has same settings that the script uses for that wiki)
- Special:NewPages
- Special:NewFiles
- Special:Log
- Special:Insights (if Wikia wiki)
- [Bug] Wall / Board -action- titles were not getting updated via ajax (e.g. reopened thread [thread name]).
- [Bug] When clicking the RC link for a wiki, the script will now include the params from the RCMOptions form (instead of only preset values)
- RCMOptions panel now as an option to remember your changes via a cookie.
== V1.2.0 - 12 December 2015 ==
- changelog file started (changes before this point added retroactively)
- Script pre-loader added (script only loads when needed).
- Rewrite of classes so that they may stand alone (and be loaded in separately in the future).
- To that end, some Class / variable names were renamed and where/how they were stored was altered.
- "RecentChangesMultiple" class renamed to "RCMManager" (clarity)
- When side rail is removed, the "home-top-right-ads" is also hidden (was making script look bad).
- options panel uses same collapse code RecentChanmges options panel (even same cookie).
* "&username=" support for external wikis. Disabled by default otherwise, and not necessary for wikia wikis (assuming you use same username).
== V1.1.7 - 1 December 2015 ==
- "hide rail" option now uses CSS class for style.
- Wikia favicon support improved (since Wikia wikis aren't V1.23+ yet)
- "Options panel" added.
- Bug fixes.
== V1.1.6 - 6 November 2015 ==
- secondary loading added for forum/wall titles (turn off with data-extraLoadingEnabled)
- duplicate wikis ignored
- url param support added
- more changes added to screen at once (faster for FF)
- small bug fixes
- started code for options panel
== V1.1.5 - 5 October 2015 ==
- Added data-loaddelay.
== V1.1.4d - 20 September 2015 ==
- fixed a bug with favicons on external wikis.
== V1.1.4c - 20 September 2015 ==
- ES translation added (Translation by Paynekiller92)
== V1.1.4b - 11 September 2015 ==
- fixed auto refresh bug.
- removed extra ".."
== V1.1.4 - 29 August 2015 ==
- bug fixes:
- page names with quotes link correctly
- "previously loaded" appears in right place
- grouping fixed
- "Comments" link for group behaves logically
- some uses of removed "pageName" changed to "title"
== V1.1.3c - 9 August 2015 ==
- hideenhanced now has entries ordered properly, as expected.
== V1.1.3b - 8 August 2015 ==
- some checks added for if user/log action/commit summary are "hidden".
== V1.1.3 - 8 August 2015 ==
- hideenhanced supported
- rc-params now fall-through rather than replace for wiki-specific params
- more localization support
- Bug fixes
== V1.1.2c - 3 August 2015 ==
- Fixed links in parsed comments that use relative paths.
== V1.1.2b - 2 August 2015 ==
- fixed an issue with displaying ajax diffs
- added some rollback code (not active since can't tell if a RC is most recent version).
- FF strict mode bug
- Fixed bug nulling something to soon.
- Added Polish translation for something added in V1.2 (translation by Szynka013).
== V1.1.2 - 1 August 2015 ==
- Ajax diff viewer re-added (now does ajax on a case-per-case basis).
- Script now displays a banner if there were no new updates since last time.
== V1.1.1 - 30 July 2015 ==
- Bug fixes:
- "messages" loading issues fixed
- forum/board messages group properly
- auto refresh fixed
== V1.1.0 - 28 July 2015 ==
- Major rewrite using MediaWiki API directly (instead of parsing RSS feed). Code now uses "code.2.js" for file.
- Important notes:
- "&subdir" removed, and "&scriptdir" added (may be necessary for non-wikia wikis, see above). ex: &scriptdir=w/
- "data-params" now offers much more support. "days" and "limit" now work up to same amount as normal for each wiki on the list. As such this should be limited to a few days / a lower limit to avoid loading potentially thousands of changes. Individual wikis can have these limits modified using "&params"
- Changes:
- Changed translating to use the exact i18n info from Wikia's github for RC_TEXT. Loads RC_TEXT from the server based on your language.
- Boards/walls now also check for [ restore, delete, remove ] for "replies" instead of assuming it's the actual thread.
- All (normal) RecentChanges params supported, except "hideenhanced", "from", and viewing a select namespace.
- Bot edits can now be shown (off by default), and "minor" edits are now marked.
- gApp instance turned into the RecentChangesMultiple class (to potentially run multiple for whatever reason, plus I prefer "traditional" OO class structures)
- As such, #rc-content-multiple id should now be a .rc-content-multiple class to allow for multiple instances (although using ids is still supported)
- Additional Special:RecentChanges CSS classes used.
- Rewrote RC / RCList objects (to bring a little more inline with how it's structure in mw system)
- New "WikiData" class for storing wiki-specific data in a more understandable way, while also providing helper methods
- data-groupaddcategories support removed
== V1.0.3 - 1 August 2015 ==
- Depreciation notice added (V1.1.0 is new version)
== V1.0.2c - 13 July 2015 ==
- German PARSE support.
== V1.0.2b - 13 July 2015 ==
- Polish Translation for TEXT - Translation by Szynka013 and Matik7
== V1.0.2 - 12 July 2015 ==
- More Polish Translation (RC_TEXT)
- some small things changed to make translating certain things possible.
== 1.0.1d - 12 July 2015 ==
- when parsing, if there is no lang subdomain identifier (fr., pl., etc) the script will attempt to parse using your default user language (if supported).
== V1.0.1c - 12 July 2015 ==
- Polish PARSE support
== V1.0.1b - 10 July 2015 ==
- fixed issue where I removed checks for unsupported comment threads (due to lang not being in PARSE) after I added language support. Thanks Szynka013 for mentioning the bug.
== V1.0.1 - 5 July 2015 ==
- Localization support added
- wall/board support fixed
- &lang= wiki attribute added for parsing localization
== V1.0.0 - 29 June 2015 ==
- updating version to indicate released
- tweaked wording of diff module popout.
== V0.9.1 - 28 June 2015 ==
- ajaxDiff icon changed to a svg column image
- some extra options on diff module added
== V0.9.0 - 28 June 2015 ==
-Added the ability to see diffs without changing page by hitting gear icon.
== V0.8.4 - 28 June 2015 ==
- Added support for connection issues while loading
- fixed issue with collapsed comments showing "hist" link
- added data-groupaddcategories support.
== V0.8.3 - 28 June 2015 ==
- Updated / "finished" log detection (also added checks for maps / abuse filters)
- fixed comment grouping.
== Beta - 22-27 May 2015 ==
- Auto refresh added
- Bug fixes
- Better thread support
- CSS move to separate stylesheet (instead of hard-coded in the script)
- Stared version numbering (V0.8.1 - V0.8.2b)
== Alpha - 2-14 February 2015 ==
- Support for "logs" added
- Favicons added
- Comment / thread support
- added script to dev wiki (did not promote for public use)
== Pre-alpha (proof of concept) ==
Loaded in multiple RSS feeds from Wikia wikis and had them sort by date (among other small things)
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