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FF4J, stands as feature flipping for java, and is a proposition for Feature Toggle written in Java. The present guide will explore not only every capability of the framework but will also provide you both technical and business use cases and samples. For any question related to this guide please use the Gmail group. Welcome onboard !


Feature toggle (also known as feature flipping, feature flags or feature bits) is the capacity for a program or an application to enable and disable features programmatically mostly at runtime. The source code implements several branches which are executed or not depending on the evaluation of flags. Switch-on features are performed with dedicated interfaces like web console, ssh command line interface or JMX.

A Feature represents a business logic that can potentially crosses every layer of applications from user interfaces to data access. Therefore, to implement a feature toggle mechanism, we must help you in each layer as shown with the picture on the right.

Use Cases

Use cases can be found on the home page of FF4j