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ICFP 2012 Programming Contest - Template MetaProgramming in C++ Solution

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Introduction / Disclaimer

We cannot submit our binaries because all the computation in our code
happens at compile time, during template instatiation. In fact we use
templates as a Pure Functional Programming Language! Long live the
λ. That is, we use the C++ compiler as a functional interpreter.

It is important to note that we had tons of fun forcing the compiler
to do the computation instead of the program execution, in fact the
templates stage the solution so the executable basically only prints
out the answer!. As a consequence the code is ridiculously complex and
the execution is super-slow. So this is a stylistic solution rather
than an efficient one.

We reached a solemn conclusion: out there, people (C++ programmers
really) are learning functional programming to use Template Meta
Programming, this is so complicated that the moment these people
discover Haskell or any proper functional language they will cry tears
of joy!


The only required package is:


that can be installed with: 

sudo apt-get install g++

Running the program

first invoke
    ./lifter <


Daniel Gutson 
Francisco Ferreira

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