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Tron AI Challenge

The objective is to create an AI to play the classic game Tron, Surround, Snafu, Snake, etc.

You begin with a start location on an m by n grid and are asked to move in a corresponding direction (north, south, east, west).

When players move their previous location remains as a “jet wall”.

A player must try to avoid running into their opponents “jet wall”, their own “jet wall”, and outside the “game grid” in order to successfully beat their opposition.

This challenge is pretty much the equivalent of two-player Snake.

The aim is to create AI allowing your Tron bike to beat another, which is easier said than done!


ScreenShot1 ScreenShot2 ScreenShot3 ScreenShot4

Tron Lightcycles:


  1. Documentation
  2. Map Generator
  3. Game Logger
  4. Log Player
  5. Sample Clients in Java, Python, C#, ...
  6. Alternative server protocol (google protobuf, ...)
  7. Multiplayer
  8. Manual Control Client
  9. step-by-step playing (for debugging / manual control purposes)
  10. clients should ignore broadcast messages except those from predefined server ip
  11. better map drawer / UI in server
  12. server can send map for next cycle when both players have sent their next moves (max speed)
  13. maybe some foods in map with some points for players when they tie
  14. ability to skip defined number of blocks in map