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(import '(javax.swing JFrame JButton JPanel Timer)
'(java.awt.event ActionListener)
'(java.awt Color BorderLayout))
(defn bubble [lst]
(if (or (nil? lst) (nil? (second lst)))
(if (> (first lst) (second lst))
(lazy-cons (second lst) (lazy-cons (first lst) (bubble (nthrest lst 2))))
(lazy-cons (first lst) (bubble (rest lst))))))
(defn bubble-sort [lst]
(take (count lst) (iterate bubble lst)))
(def maxval 100)
(def initial-list (take 100 (repeatedly (fn [] (rand-int maxval)))))
(def position (atom 0))
(def canvas (proxy [JPanel ActionListener] []
(paintComponent [g]
(proxy-super paintComponent g)
(.setColor g Color/RED)
(let [width (.getWidth this) height (.getHeight this) bar-height (/ height (inc (count initial-list))) val-width (/ width maxval)
bubble-sorted (bubble-sort initial-list)]
(doseq [val (into (sorted-map) (zipmap (range 0 (count initial-list)) (nth bubble-sorted @position)))]
(let [y (int (* (first val) bar-height)) barWidth (int (* (second val) val-width))]
(.fillRect g 0 y barWidth bar-height)))))
(actionPerformed [e] (swap! position inc) (compare-and-set! position (count initial-list) 0) (.repaint this))))
(let [x (Timer. 50 canvas)]
(defn stop-timer [] (.stop x))
(defn start-timer [] (.start x))
(defn is-running [] (.isRunning x)))
(defn sortapp []
(let [frame (JFrame. "Sort Visualizer")run-button (JButton. "Go")]
(.addActionListener run-button
(proxy [ActionListener] []
(actionPerformed [evt]
(if (is-running) (stop-timer) (start-timer)))))
(doto frame
(.setLayout (BorderLayout. 3 3))
(.add canvas (BorderLayout/CENTER))
(.add run-button (BorderLayout/PAGE_END))
(.setSize 300 300)
(.setVisible true))))
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