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FFI stands for Foreign Function Interface.
This project is ruby-ffi, an FFI implementation for Ruby.

  • Why use FFI – Some good reasons to start playing with Ruby-FFI
  • Core Concepts – Fundamental high-level FFI concepts
  • Basic usage – Basic usage concept examples underlying Ruby-FFI
  • Examples – Real-world(ish) examples
  • Windows Examples – Real-world(ish) examples using the Windows API
  • Presentations – Talks and Presentations about FFI and related projects


  • Mailing list – Ask for support here!
  • rdoc – detailed documentation here
  • Loading Libraries – Tips on using `ffi_lib`.
  • Enums – Using enums with FFI
  • Structs – Using structs with FFI
  • Pointers – Using pointers (including Strings) with FFI
  • Types – A list of the supported types (like :int, etc.)
  • Binary Data – Handling binary data (e.g. Ruby Strings of Encoding::BINARY) with FFI


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