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Outil de gestion pour auto-entrepreneur

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accounts Added 2 decimals to quantity
announcement Add important field on announcement to display as warning. Closes #165.
autoentrepreneur Fixing rates for 2014
backup Fixing the tests
bugtracker Notification system for invoices and bugtracker. Closes #172.
contact Renamed company to professional in contact. Closes #238
core Forum fix
export Small fix in doc and for first clone
formats Backup/Restore. Closes #77.
forum Fixing the tests
locale Added a footer note. Closes #246.
media Catalog added. Concerns #248.
newsletter Test user lists with only one free account. Closes #137.
notification Fixing the tests
project Added 2 decimals to quantity
templates Fixing rates for 2014
.gitignore Fixing the tests
INSTALL Fixing the tests
README.rst Fix licence in README
TODO Move TODO list in github Initial import
apache.conf.sample Upload size limited in apache conf. Closes #184.
application.wsgi.sample Added wsgi conf sample. Pdf export of invoice book Tests on taxes and bugfix on period computation Added TOS. Closes #12.
requirements.txt Fixing the tests Allow to subscribe for free Forum added. Closes #81



Aemanager est une application web de gestion pour auto-entrepreneur écrit en python à l'aide du framework django.


Il permet de :

  • gérer ses clients
  • définir des projets
  • créer des devis
  • gérer sa facturation
  • suivre ses dépenses
  • suivre son chiffre d'affaire
  • prévoir ses charges

Auteur et licence

Aemanager est un logiciel libre sous AGPLv3 écrit par François Gaudin



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