Arduino Sketch for testing WebSockets
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Arduino Sketch for testing WebSockets, in a very simple way: three resistors on different analog inputs, set the RBG values of a current color, displayed on the browser.

What You need :

1) Arduino duemilanove (built and tested on it) 2) Ethernet Shield (I have an Arduino compatible W5100 ethernet shield with SD card slot) 3) Browser (I tested on Google Chrome 25 and FireFox 19 on OpenSuse 12.2 running in VirtualBox 4.1 under Linux Ubuntu 12.04)

The repo contains the following files:

RGB.fzz - The (very simple) Fritzing's schema to build the hardware part RGBSocketColors.html - The HTML page to render the RGB colors RGBSocketColor.ino - The Arduino's sketch (You'll need to get the library leg0/Arduino-Websocket from gitHub)

Have Fun !!!!

Fabio Grande fabio(dot)grande(at)softwareontheroad(dot)it f(dot)grande(at)pokerspa(dot)it