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LICENSE is a set of PowerShell function built for managing, troubleshooting and automating VMware based platforms.

Install from PowerShell Gallery

The PowerCLI Automation Module is available in the PowerShell Gallery.

PS> Install-Module -Name

If you've aready installed the module, use Update-Module to update it to the latest version.

PS> Update-Module -Name

Manual Install

To manually install this module, copy the folder into you local module directory. There are various module directories, they can be identified with the $env:PSModulePath environment variable. Activate the module with Import-Module -Force -Verbose.

Function Description
Get-VMHostVersion Get detailed ESXi version information
Get-VMHostLatestVersion Check if an ESXi update is available
Convert-ScsiCode Decode SCSI Status Codes
Get-VMLatencySensitivity Get virtual machine latency sensitivity level
Get-VMLatencySensitivityBulk Get virtual machine latency sensitivity level
Set-VMLatencySensitivity Set virtual machine latency sensitivity level


1.3.0 - 2017-10-15

  • Added Set-VMLatencySensitivity function
  • Added Get-VMLatencySensitivity function
  • Added Get-VMLatencySensitivityBulk function