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Script to assist migrating a VCL file from Varnish 3 to 4.x. [1]

Suggested usage

 $ varnish3to4 -o <filename>.v4 <filename>
 $ diff -u <filename> <filename>.v4

To limit changes for Varnish 4.0:

 $ varnish3to4 -v 4.0 -o <filename>.v4 <filename>
 $ diff -u <filename> <filename>.v4

Currently understands

V3 V4
{bereq,req}.backend.healthy std.healthy({bereq.backend,req.backend_hint})
{bereq,req}.request {bereq,req}.method
bereq.* in vcl_pass and vcl_miss req.*
{beresp,obj,resp}.response {beresp,obj,resp}.reason beresp.storage_hint
{client,server}.port std.port({client,server}.ip)
error code response return (synth(code, response))
obj.hits - writing to -
obj.* in vcl_synth resp.*
obj.lastuse -
remove unset
req.backend req.backend_hint
req.grace -
req.* in vcl_backend_response bereq.*
return (hash) in vcl_hash return (lookup)
return (hit_for_pass) set beresp.uncacheable = true;
return (deliver);
return (lookup) in vcl_recv return (hash)
return (pass) in vcl_pass return (fetch)
return (restart) in vcl_fetch return (retry)
std.real2integer(..) [2] std.real2integer(.., n)
std.time2integer(..) [2] std.time2integer(.., n)
std.time2real(..) [2] std.time2real(.., n.n)
synthetic .. synthetic(..)
vcl_error vcl_backend_error and vcl_synth
vcl_fetch vcl_backend_response

Limited coverage

V3 V4
purge -

Won't be implemented

V3 V4
 - vcl 4.0
 - import directors
new xx = directors.yy();
set req.backend_hint = xx.backend();

Add imports resulting from changes in V4, complete purge handling and any other changes missing from this document.

N/A for 3.0 (for documentation only)

V4.0 V4.1
return (fetch) in vcl_hit [3] return (miss)


  1. Comments in VCL are treated as code and as such references within will be rewritten.
  2. Required in 4.1 and above.
  3. Optional in 4.1. Required in 5.0 and above.