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Node BACstack

A BACnet protocol stack written in pure JavaScript. BACnet is a protocol to interact with building automation devices defined by ASHRAE.


Add Node BACstack to your project by using:

npm install --save bacstack

The API documentation is available under


The BACNET standard defines a wide variety of services as part of it's specification. While Node BACstack tries to be as complete as possible, following services are already supported at this point in time:

Service Execute Handle
Who Is yes yes
I Am yes¹ yes
Who Has yes¹ yes¹
I Have yes¹ yes¹
Time Sync yes yes
UTC Time Sync yes yes
Read Property yes yes¹
Read Property Multiple yes yes¹
Read Range yes¹ yes¹
Write Property yes yes¹
Write Property Multiple yes yes¹
Add List Element yes¹ yes¹
Remove List Element yes¹ yes¹
Create Object yes¹ yes¹
Delete Object yes¹ yes¹
Subscribe COV yes¹ yes¹
Subscribe Property yes¹ yes¹
Atomic Read File yes¹ yes¹
Atomic Write File yes¹ yes¹
Reinitialize Device yes yes¹
Device Communication Control yes yes¹
Get Alarm Summary yes¹ yes¹
Get Event Information yes¹ yes¹
Get Enrollment Summary yes¹ yes¹
Acknowledge Alarm yes¹ yes¹
Confirmed Event Notification yes¹ yes¹
Unconfirmed Event Notification yes¹ yes¹
Unconfirmed Private Transfer yes¹ yes¹
Confirmed Private Transfer yes¹ yes¹

¹ Support implemented as Beta (untested, undocumented, breaking interface)


const bacnet = require('bacstack');

// Initialize BACStack
const client = new bacnet({apduTimeout: 6000});

// Discover Devices
client.on('iAm', (device) => {
  console.log('address: ', device.address);
  console.log('deviceId: ', device.deviceId);
  console.log('maxApdu: ', device.maxApdu);
  console.log('segmentation: ', device.segmentation);
  console.log('vendorId: ', device.vendorId);

// Read Device Object
const requestArray = [{
  objectId: {type: 8, instance: 4194303},
  properties: [{id: 8}]
client.readPropertyMultiple('', requestArray, (err, value) => {
  console.log('value: ', value);


Implementing and maintaining a protocol stack is a lot of work, therefore any help is appreciated, from creating issues, to contributing documentation, fixing issues and adding new features.

Please follow the Contribution Guide when submitting any changes.


The MIT License

Copyright (c) 2017-2019 Fabio Huser

Note: This is not an official product of the BACnet Advocacy Group. BACnet® is a registered trademark of American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).