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Fhirbase is a command-line utility which enables you to easily import FHIR data into a PostgreSQL database and work with it in a relational way. Also Fhirbase provides set of stored procedures to perform CRUD operations and maintain Resources History.


Sorry guys, this project is frozen untill new hero will support it. Most of ideas from fhirbase is moved and developed in Aidbox FHIR Platform

Getting Started

Please proceed to the Getting Started tutorial for PostgreSQL and Fhirbase installation instructions.

Usage Statistics

Please note that Fhirbase collects anonymous usage statistics. It does not send any FHIR data, only events happened (database initialized, resources imported and error happened). You can check the source code for stats sender yourself.

You can turn off usage statistics sending with --nostats global flag.


To participate in Fhirbase development you'll need to install Golang and Dep package manager.

Fhirbase is Makefile-based project, so building it is as simple as invoking make command.

NB you can put Fhirbase source code outside of GOPATH env variable because Makefile sets GOPATH value to fhirbase-root/.gopath.

To enable hot reload of demo's static assets set DEV env variable like this:

DEV=1 fhirbase web


Copyright © 2018 Health Samurai team.

Fhirbase is released under the terms of the MIT License.