a syncadaptor plugin that saves tiddlers on custom remoteStorage directories
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Save your tiddlers to remoteStorage!

Works anywhere, just grab the plugin on $:/plugins/fiatjaf/remoteStorage, save, reload, optionally change your preferences on $:/plugins/fiatjaf/remoteStorage/config and you'll be good to go.

Your tiddlers will be saved on /public/tiddlers/<chosen-namespace>/.

  • <chosen-namespace> defaults to "main".

Easy setup

If you're starting on the TiddlyWiki world, you can just visit https://tiddly.alhur.es/, login with your remoteStorage account on the widget and start adding tiddlers! Your TiddlyWiki will be viewable to anyone on https://tiddly.alhur.es/<your-remotestorage-address>/<chosen-namespace>/ at any moment!

Just remember that, to avoid causing problems to visitors, the wiki displayed at https://tiddly.alhur.es/<your-remotestorage-address>/<chosen-namespace>/ will not save its edits, not even if you're the one browsing it. To edit and have your edits saved to remoteStorage, go to https://tiddly.alhur.es/ only.

(If you already have a TiddlyWiki and wants to migrate to this remoteStorage-based setup, you'll have to install the plugin on your own TiddlyWiki wherever it is and somehow push all your tiddlers to remoteStorage -- after that you'll be able to use https://tiddly.alhur.es/ normally.)

https://tiddly.alhur.es/ is powered by https://github.com/fiatjaf/tiddlywiki-remotestorage-server.