multiplayer rock-paper-scissors iOS game using Cocos2D and GameKit
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I'm open-sourcing this simple multiplayer RPS game I made over the course of 3 days in January 2011. It's available on the app store.

The major issue with this game is that it is multiplayer only. If no one is online there's not much you can do. There has to be some sort of momentum to keep people online and playing and that's just never going to happen with a casual game like this.

RPS World Masters - Online Rock Paper Scissors


RPS WORLD MASTERS is an addictive online-only version of the classic Rock Paper Scissors game for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Rock Paper Scissors?

Never played Rock Paper Scissors before? No problem! It's easy! Throw rock, paper, or scissors at the same time as your opponent. Rock crushes scissors; paper covers rock; scissors cuts paper. Easy, right? Sure! But, can you devise a STRATEGY to beat another human player over and over again? Strategy? Really? Yes, really! Throw rock every time and your opponent will obviously notice your oh-so-sly pattern and destroy you. You'll just pick one at random? There is no such thing as "random"! Your opponent will figure out what your SUBCONSCIOUS is up to and will soundly defeat you.

How it Works

You will be automatically paired with random opponents from anywhere around the world. Or, challenge your friends to settle silly disputes, assign lowly chores, or to finally prove that to them that you are a true mind reader! Clever must you be to win! Play well and you will climb the online leader board. Lose often and your friends will make fun of your goofy hipster shoes.

Each match is in the "best of 3 of 3" format. Win 2 out of 3 throws (e.g. rock wins against scissors) to win a set (like in tennis). Win 2 out of 3 sets to win the match. Matches take less than a minute to play and are completely addictive! You have been warned!

Please Note

RPS WORLD MASTERS requires an active Internet connection to play. Online functionality works over 3G and Wi-Fi using Apple's Game Center.

For the RPS gurus, we hope RPS WORLD MASTERS is the perfect TRAINING system for the many LIVE tournaments held each year. Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions by writing the kind folk of Fictorial at


Please see doc/LICENSE.RpsWorldMasters.


Brian Hammond