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Helpful documentation and examples for Jenkins pipelines
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Jenkins Resources

Jenkins is an incredibly helpful continuous integration system with many different ways to implement a build, or pipeline. And while there are some incredible alternatives, if you are working at a company that likes to keep their builds private, then you'll likely run in Jenkins.

The examples here are derived from real-world scenarios and serve as a great starting point for those of you using Jenkins pipelines to manage your application's builds.

Each example includes a README containing a brief description of the use case and any caveats.


In addition to covering Jenkinsfiles and pipelines, these examples include:

  • Artifactory
  • Bitbucket (Git)
  • Docker
  • Slack Integration

Jenkinsfile Examples

All the examples in this repo leverage the Declarative Syntax. Where needed, you will see some script blocks which are also supported by declarative Jenkinsfiles.

Other Great Resources

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